TV frat happy to have Ramayan, Mahabharat and Circus on air!

Ramayan, Circus, and Mahabharat have made a comeback on screen, and we are loving it. Here are the other shows which these TV actors wish would come back.

Amrita Prakash: I think we had some beautiful shows on television in the 90s. There are some wonderful shows that I have grown up watching and performing in, which influenced me as a performer and a person. I feel blessed to have been part of television during its golden age, in the late 90s and early 2000s- with shows like ‘Rishtey’ and ‘star bestsellers’ – which were completely story-centric. As opposed to the TRP-centric storyline we have today, back then every story was spun and told so beautifully, with performances that moved the soul. How I wish we would only bring back these shows to re watch but also to remake. I miss being a part of that wondrous era in Indian television.

Mohsin Khan: I would again like to see Dekh Bhai Dekh and Fauji. I have heard so much about these shows and I really want to watch them.

Rohitashv Gour: Re-telecasting Ramayan and Mahabharat is a very good thing because people won’t step out from there house when these shows are on. We should target villages as well as towns. Village people will be more connected to Ramayan and Mahabharat kind of shows and the town people will be more connected to the shows like Tamas, Buniyaad, Byomkesh Bakshi. These serials were very famous during that period. Another shows like Mr. Yogi, Yeh jo hai Zindagi, Rajni should also re-telecast.

Sharad Malhotra: I used to religiously finish all my homework before time so Sunday mornings could be happily spent watching my favorite classic animated superhero character – HE-MAN and the masters of the Universe. I wish this series could be retelecast on TV.

Mohit Malhotra: Ramayana and Mahabharat both are amazing to watch again. They have been cult shows and I have grown watching them every Sunday morning. I remember when it would telecast, you’d have no traffic outside on the roads since most of us were watching these shows at that time.

Rishina Kandhari: I would like to see Malgudi Days because I have heard amazing things about the show. I have also read a couple of stories amd I really wish it’s telecast again for me to learn more about it. I liked RK Narayan’s writing as well.

Parull Chaudhry: It’s fabulous to know that these shows are coming back. Today, I saw the first episode of Ramayan and it completely took me back to my childhood days. I don’t remember much of the show accept Ram, Ravan and Sita and Dashrath Ji. It was so nice to see the show today. We were all sitting and watching it together. I think we will watch the repeat at 9 pm also. I am looking forward to seeing Circus as well. I want to see Shahrukh Khan back then. I think we should retelecast Banegi Apni Baat, it was one of those wonderful shows and if we come a little more ahead, then it should be Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. These are the two shows which definitely should be retelecast.

Amal Sehrawat: I feel Dekh Bhai Dekh should be retelecast. It was a sitcom produced by Jaya Bachchan and had an ensemble cast of talented actors like Navin Nishchol, Shekhar Suman, Sushma Seth and many others. It had beautifully portrayed in a humorous way various problems solved together by family, reflecting their love and attachment for each other.

Kettan Singh: I want Hum Paanch, Grihlaxmi ka Jinn, the entire season of He-Man and Giant Robot to come back on TV. I have a list actually, Just Mohabbat, Shankar Jai Kishan are at the top of that. I know the retelecast will find a lot more audience.

Kunal Thakur: Ramayan and Mahabharat will be very nice to watch because we have seen these throughout our childhood. Circus, I haven’t seen so I will be very happy to see it. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai will be very nice to watch again as well because, at this sad time, we get stressed and this affects our body. So we should see a comedy show so that we can laugh.

Amit Sarin: We used to watch these shows with our entire family and the beauty was that everyone used to find the time to be able to do so! It used to bring the entire family together, kids to elders. I would love to see shows such as Hum log, Yeh jo hai Zindagi, Malgudi days, Mungeri lal ke Haseen Sapney, Kyon Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi on air again.

Vikas Sethi: I love Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi, Nukkad, Circus, Fauji because these are part of my childhood memories. I hope these also come back on screen. I can’t wait to watch them again.