TV stars on the colours that describe them best

Holi is a celebration of life with its varied hues – bright and dark, happy and gloomy. With the festival of colours just round the corner, some popular stars telly actors tell us about the colours that best describe their personality.



Ssharad Malhotra: Red colour describes my personality the best, because it stands for energy and positivity. I am an energetic, extremely positive person, who believes in making the most of every moment.

Aniruddh Dave: White color as it is symbol of peace and patience. I resonanate with vibrations of white color.

Bhanujeet Singh Sudan: The colour that best describes me is White. A neutral colour, it gels well with every shade and hue. I believe I am like that, extremely non-judgemental and accepting.

Mahhima Kottary: I love blue and it makes me feel amazing .It’s the color of sincerity,inspiration,spirituality ,serenity. I’m a seeker of tranquility and I’m spiritual too. Blue is also the color of reliability and I feel good about making someone else’s day! Blue color has a very interesting contradiction that it is the color of peace and harmony and also so deep and intense at the same time.

I love this interesting contradiction .For me it arouses a feeling of emotional energy and strength


Mohammad Nazim: I have always felt that I am like yellow; aIways happy and positive.


Vivian Dsena: There is no one colour that best describes me. I am a mixture of various hues.

 Arjun BijlaniBlue and white, because they suit me. I believe the colours closest to your personality will look best on you.

Prakriti Nautiyal : Every color describes me the best as I like every color of nature.Each color has a different shade and look which describes me differently and beautifully. 


Rohit Purohit: I think it’s green because I have green eyes and green is the colour of nature. The color green is very eye pleasing too. and so am I. (Laughs)

Ira Sone: White and blue, as just like the colour white has a very positive connotation, I’ve had a very positive and clear approach in every situation in life. And I’m as strong and solid as the blue sky and sea