Udaariyaan 10th August 2022 Written Update: Jasmine lies to Gurpreet

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The episode starts withTejo asking Aman to leave. She throws the things at at him. She gets a snife and threatens him to leave the house. Jasmine hears the noise and gets up to check. She stops realising that she did have her fake bump. She puts her fake bump and goes downstairs to check. Jasmine stops seeing Tejo scaring Aman with a knife asking him to get out. Aman says that he will return again to see Candy and Tejo. He leaves.

Fateh, Simran and Buzzo come back home. They find Tejo crying. Fateh asks Tejo what happened. Tejo says that Aman entered in his room and was talking rubbish. Fateh gets angry and wants to file complaint against Aman. But Tejo refuses stating that he already registered police complaint against them and their wrong step can complicate Candy’s custody case. Simran agrees with Tejo. Fateh refuses to stay without anything. Tejo says that they have to win him playing like him. They should follow lawyer’s instructions and proves that he’s a criminal and Candy isn’t safe with him.

Tejo sees Simran pampering Candy. She feels sad recalling doctor saying that shr can’t become a mother. Fateh also comes there. Tejo walks away. Fateh comes after Tejo. Tejo asks what happened. He wipes Tejo’s tear from her corner of her eye. He says her to not hide her pain and shares it with him. Tejo says that she isn’t in pain as he is with him. She says that dust went into her eye and leaves. Fateh says that he can feel her pain as he is also going through the same pain.

Arman is discussing with his lawyer about thr case. He says that he will use Tejo to win the case. Other hand Tejo is recalling about Aman’s misbehavior. She then wonders whether Jasmine isn’t in any trouble, why she was acting weird. Fateh comes to Tejo. He tries to cheer her up. He asks her to read whatever he is going to write on her back using his finger and answer it. Tejo agrees. Fateh acts how they will speak after losing their teeth when they will grow older. Tejo laughs. Tejo gets sad again remembering that she can’t have child. Fateh says that they’re enough and they don’t anyone between them. He hugs her.

Siman apologizes to Tejo for Aman’s misbehavior. Tejo asks Simran to not apologize for his mistake and says that they won’t let Aman get successful in his intention. Simran worries that Aman can brainwash Candy as he is a kid. Tejo assures her that he couldn’t as kids have reasoning power. Gurpreet asks Tejo to make tea for her as she’s having headache. Gurpreet receives Jasmine’s call. She wonders if Jasmine isn’t at home. The latter says that she has to call her as Tejo isn’t answering her calls.

Gurpreet asks where she’s. In reality Jasmine is in a restaurant having food, but she lies that she had yoga classes and after that she had to visit her doctor and Tejo should come to pick her up, but she didn’t come yet. So she has been waiting for her on the road from one hour and feeling thirsty due to sunny day. She says to not scold Tejo as she must have forgotten her in her work. Jasmine hangs the call and says that now Gurpreet herself will keep Tejo away from her.

Gurpreet questions Tejo about sending Jasmine alone to the doctor and making her wait on the road. Tejo says that Jasmine wanted to go alone and she asked her to come at 12:30 and it’s only 11 AM now. Gurpreet says that Jasmine has been waiting for her from one hour on the road on a sunny day and scolds Tejo. She asks Mahi to take Jasmine’s responsibility hereafter. She goes to bring Jasmine. Tejo wonders why Jasmine lied to Gurpreet.

Gurpreet brings Jasmine home. Tejo asks Jasmine why he didn’t call if she was late. She says that she understand that she’s pregnant and needs more care. Jasmine says that Tejo can’t understand the difficulty of a pregnant woman. She says that she means no one can understand this.

She shows doctor appointment slip and says her appointment was at 10:30 then why she would call her at 12:30 to pick her up. Tejo says that she accompany Jasmine for her next appointment and will learn how to take care of her and her child. She adds that she will talk to doctor about today’s appointment too. Jasmine gets tensed.

The episode ends.

The episode starts with some kinners visiting Virks and blessing Tejo. They ask to call another daughter-in-law of the house. One of the kinner places a remote car on the floor. Candy runs after that car. The same kinner takes the house’s key’s print on a soap while other kinners keep the family distracted. Simran comes to Jasmine’s room. Jasmine gets scared that Simran will see her fake bump. She pretends to be unwell and sends Simran back. Simran comes to the family and tells that Jasmine isn’t well. Gurpreet tells the kinner that they can meet Jasmine another day.

Outside of the house Aman tells Candy that he is his father. Candy says that Buzzo is his father. Aman shows Candy photos of himself and Simran together. He tries to persuade Candy to come along with him to Canada. Family realizes that Candy is missing. They start looking for Candy. Tejo finds Candy with Aman and notifies the family. Tejo sends Candy inside. Fateh comes and gets angry on seeing Aman. He tries to hit him. Tejo and family stop Fateh. Aman threatens to get them all arrested. He says that he filed case to get Candy’s custody in the legal court. He claims that he is Candy’s legal father. Fateh says to Aman that he can’t get Candy’s custody. Aman comments about Fateh not being able to have child. Simran asks Aman what he wants at last. Aman shouts that he wants his son a d vows to get it at any cost.

Tejo says that Aman filed the case on the DNA base, so there’s chance the case judgment can be in favor of Aman. Fateh says that they have to prove Aman is a criminal to avoid this. Simran gets worried as she doesn’t have any proof against Aman. Tejo says that they have a week time to collect proof. Simran panics of losing the case. Fateh and Tejo reassures Simran. Tejo says to control his anger and to not do anything that’s against the case. Family shows their support for Simran. Just then a delivery boy delivers an ayurvedic oil that Tejo ordered for Jasmine.

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