Udaariyaan 10th July 2021 Written Update: Satti worries after seeing Jasmine’s reaction for Fateh and Tejo’s closeness

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The episode starts with Tejo helps Jasmine to properly put her clothes on the cupboard. Jasmine tells Tejo that she must be thinking that she didn’t changed at all. Tejo smile and tells people’s few habits never change. Jasmine face changes then she tells Tejo that she did tried making their room look presentable then she asks Tejo to stop working saying she called her here to spent time together not to work. Tejo asks Jasmine how she is going to handle everything in Canada. Jasmine tells that Gippi already told her that she dont have to do anything he will take care of it. Tejo smiles. Satti brings dessert for Tejo and Jasmine. Jasmine asks Satti she put badam in it right to which Satti says though she eats a lot of badam she still acts as a fool. Fateh gets happy and tells Khushbeer and everyone that the investor’s approved to invest.

Khushbeer and Babu Ji praises him so Fateh tells it’s all Tejo’s hardwork Babu Ji also agrees with him. Then he tells that he is going to tell Tejo but stops when Gurpreet asks him is he going to his in law’s house. Fateh gets confused and asks is Tejo is there. Gurpreet tells yes. Biji tells that Satti called her because Gurpreet is not answering the calls then why she is acting this way. Khushbeer scolds Gurpreet and asks her to bring sweet for everyone who leaves the place. Tejo tells she is getting late so she has to leave but Jasmine stops her and tells Tejo that she is not going to stay here but she wants spend time with her. Tejo tells that she wish too but she didn’t inform anyone.

Satti tells in village eveey in law’s acts if a girl stays in her house for a night so asks Tejo to go to Fateh’s house but hearing Jasmine’s request she decides to stay. She also tells that she will call Fateh and let him know and asks Satti to not to worry because she and Fateh is best of friends more than their husband and wife relationship so he will understand. Jasmine stops Tejo and asks her she told that they are friends then is that necessary to ask permission to stay in her house. Satti gets shocked and worries. Tejo smiles at Jasmine and tells there is no need to ask permission but it’s necessary to inform the person then goes outside and calls Fateh.

Fateh gets happy seeing Tejo’s call so he goes inside to talk to her. He tells her where is she why she is not home yet to which Tejo tells that she decides to spend a night with her family. Fateh asks what and says that he will miss her and asks why not she come to the house. Tejo smiles happily and tells Fateh that Jasmine is getting married soon also Satti also asked her to stay. Fateh tells okay but she has to come to the house early morning. Tejo agrees. Fateh also tells Tejo that their investor agreed to invest and they have to talk about their next steps and strategies and all. Tejo tells that they will talk about that during their lunch next day.

Seeing Tejo’s happiness Jasminee gets angry. Satti notices Jasmine’s behaviour and gets worried. Fateh asks Tejo to tell him that he will miss her. Tejo blushes and says Satti is here but Fateh doesnt listen so Tejo tells that she will miss him too. Tejo then goes to the room and says to Satti that Fateh agreed. Satti asks Jasmine is she happy now. Jasmine acts and tells Satti that she is happy and hugs Tejo. Tejo smiles. Jasmine outside the house talk to her friend Preeti on the call. Preeti asks Jasmine how she is going to make everyone think that she is moving on. Jasmine tells that’s easy because their responsible daughter Tejo accepted her and now she will come often to this house which will lead Fateh to come and see her and tells she has to look at Fateh’s face when she proposed her Gippi infront of him.

Amrik talk to his sister Simran in the video call. Simran asks Amrik to teach Tejo how to play rummy in online it will help them to play together. Fateh enters the room. Amrik gets irritated and asks why everyone is praising that Tejo and tells still Fateh loves Jasmine and he will never love another person the way he loves her. Mahi tells that he dont know what kind if a person Jasmine is then they both gets into an argument. Fateh asks them to stop then warn them not to take Jasmine’s name anymore saying Jasmine is his past and his present and future is Tejo.

Sandhu’s have their food. Dilraj tells that Satti made dinner like some guests came to the house. Sukhmini tells that the daughter of the house when comes to her house from her in law’s she will he treated like a special guest. Jasmine makes dinner. Her aunt asks what’s her intention behind her this sweet nature. Jasmine asks her to investigate. When Abhiraj gives her pickle she recalls Fateh’s words and smiles. Jasmine serves everyone poori then insists feeding food to Tejo who happily agrees. Her aunt tells Satti that she dont think that she changed this soon. Satti recalls Jasmine’s anger when she heard Tejo talking to Fateh then prays to God that she hope that whatever she is thinking now is wrong and everything will happen in a right way.

Sandhu’s dances to the song. They all looks happy. Later Fayeh searches for his night shirt then thinks he surely misses Tejo so he calls her. Tejo answers Fateh’s call and asks him what happened. Fateh asks Tejo his night suit, Tejo asks him to search properly then she recalls that it is in laundry so asks Fateh to wear some other dress. Fateh then asks Tejo his charger Tejo smiles and scolds Fateh that he is six foot but he acts like a six year old kid. Jasmine hears their conversation and gets angry. Tejo then tells Fateh that she will meet him tomorrow. Tejo and Jasmine put their cot together and looks at the sky. Jasmine recalls from how Fateh proposed her to Fateh removed his hand when he congratulated her. Tejo recalls from Fateh throwing a water at herself to Fateh feeding food when she got injured and smiles. Jasmine tells Tejo that now she truly regrets for not marrying Fateh. Tejo sadly looks at Jasmine.

The episode ends.

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