Udaariyaan 10th May 2021 Written Update: Fateh gets a job in Canada

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The episode starts with Gurpreet asks to Fateh to wake up and talk to her and both her and Jasmine cries. Jasmine sees Fateh’s mobile is ringing and says to Gurpreet that it’s a new number from Canada. Gurpreet says it must be Simran and takes the call and says to the person On the call that she will inform Fateh. Gurpreet then says to Jasmine that Fateh got the job in Canada and says that he needs to join in a month and leaves the room. Jasmine says to Fateh that now he also got the job in Canada which he wanted the most and asks him to wake up and cries.

Tejo prays to god. Jasmine comes there and says its been Days but Fateh isn’t opened his eyes and says to Tejo that she even told him that he got the job in Canada. Tejo recalls Fateh’s words where he talked about him and Jasmine. Jasmine asks Tejo why she has not met Fateh yet and asks her to meet him and says atleast we see if he listen to your words. Tejo asks Gurpreet to go to the hospital. Gurpreet refuses and says that she will go after Fateh wakes up. Tejo says that mothers blessing will be always with their child and says that she and Jasmine will take care of them and then asks Amrik to take Gurpreet to their house.

Tejo enters Fateh’s room and says sorry to him for not meeting him all these days and says that she is scared to lose his friend. Fateh’s family gives things to poor people and asks them to pray for Fateh. Tejo says to Fateh that she knows how to wake him up and goes outside and brings Jasmine to the room. Priest says to Gurpreet that true love has the power to bring a person from their dead bed. Tejo says to Fateh that they all are tired of his drama and says that he left his house for Jasmiine and waited for his Job now Jasmine is waiting for him and he got his job now he is acting like he don’t want to wake up and says now he have everything so he have no other options but to wake up and puts Jasmines hand in Fateh’s. Tejo then says to Fateh that he know Very about his stubbornness if he dont wake up then she will go to the house and asks her parents to say yes to Varun for Jasmine.

Priest says to Gurpreet there are three lives are tied together. Gurpreet looks confused. Tejo says to Fateh okay if he don’t want to wake up and dont want to listen to their words and says to Jasmine that they will leave now. Fateh holds both Jasmine and Tejo’s hands. Both of them turns around and smiles seeing that Fateh is holding their hands. Fateh slowly opens his eyes. Jasmine goes to him and touch his face then cries. Tejo smiles at them. Fateh says hi. Jasmine says is he is crazy, why he isn’t wake up even after she asked him to do so and sleeped like a Khumbakaranan. Jasmine says that did he know that he got a job in Canada Fateh interrupts her and questions is he go the job. Tejo tells him that he got the job. Fateh says yes and cries out in pain. Jasmine scolds him. Fateh says to Jasmine how can someone say no to her and wipes her tears away. Tejo calls Gurpreet and informs that Fateh woke up. Gurpreet thanks the God.

Khushbeer and Gurpreet comes to the hospital and finds the empty. Gurpreet decides to ask the nurse. Khushbeer stops her and takes the letter from the bed and reads it and leaves the place. Gurpreet reads the letter in which Fateh says that he know well that she will try to take him to the house and he dont want to go with her and she knows the reason Very well. Gurpreet cries. Sukhmini thanks god for saving Fateh and asks Tejo is he went to his house or not. Tejo says yes. Jasmine looks distracted and cut her fingers while cutting an onion. Tejo asks Jasmine to concentrate and aid her fingers.

Satti says that both Tejo and Jasmine hadn’t ate anything properly for the last two days and says that she will bring them food. Jasmine says that she isn’t hungry and leaves the place. Tejo looks at her and says to everyone today she and Jasmine will eat together in their room and takes the food in hand. Rupi asks Tejo why Jasmine is looking so sad and asks Tejo that Jasmine must have told her why she said no to Varun. Tejo says that they all know about Jasmine and says that Jasmine didn’t told her anything about why she said No to Varun and asks them not to worry that she will talk to her and leaves.

Amrik says to everyone in the dining room that Khushbeer is coming. Everyone praises Gurpreets cooking and Anrik says if Fateh is here then he must have praised her too. Khushbeers fater and Gurpreet asks Khushbeer what the Inspector said about this incident. Khushbeer asks them did they send food to Fateh or not and says that even Amrik and Mahi are here then who is there to take care if Fateh. Gurpreet says that Buzo must be there. Buzo comes there and Gurpreet asks him to have food. Khushbeers father says that two sister must have taken care of Fateh. Khushbeers mother says that they belongs to respected family so they wont Stay there with Fateh. Buzo says that he is the one who dropped them to the house.

Gurpreet asks everyone to stop talking about Fateh and says that he done a biggest mistake by loving someone and the elder people in the house is not ready to accept their fault then what can we expect from the younger ones and leaves the place. Khushbeer thinks that Fateh must he having hard time being alone. Tejo looks at Jasmine and thinks finally she is worrying about Fateh. Tejo asks Jasmine to eat. Jasmine asks Tejo how come she asks her to eat something when there Fateh is struggling. Tejo says to Jasmine now she is worried about him. Jasmine says that Fateh is really a nice guy and says that she is going to take care of him .Tejo stops Jasmine and says this isn’t Canada. Jasmine says to Tejo that her friend Fateh there is struggling and she isn’t even caring about him. Fateh tries to wake up from his bed. Tejo thinks that Jasmine is right and they have to do something.

Precap: Tejo and Jasmine leaves the house. Jasmine takes care of Fateh. Fateh asks Jasmine to go to her house as she has no proper place to sleep. Jasmine says to Fateh that she came here to take care of him not to sleep. Rupi sees that both Tejo and Jasmine isn’t in their room. Tejo says to Fateh that they didn’t inform to their parents and she has to leave before they finds out. They both looks at sleeping Jasmine. Fateh opens the door and finds Khushbeer there. Khushbeer looks at Jasmine and Tejo.

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