Udaariyaan 10th May 2022 Written Update: Tejo learns Angad’s truth

Udaariyaan 10th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Tejo saying to Fateh that he is lying and asks what proof he has against Angad. Fateh says that he doesn’t have any proof now. He requests her to not return to Angad. Tejo says that so that Fateh can kill her. She says that Fateh can never harm her until Angad is with her. Fateh says that he loves Tejo. The latter says to forget her. Fateh says that he is also sad for losing their baby. Tejo says that Fateh is her child’s killer. She threatens to call police if he doesn’t leave her hand. Fateh leaves it. Tejo walks away. Angad sees this and thinks of killing Tejo soon. Other hand Jasmine gets worried that Angad will try to kill Tejo. Amrik says that Jasmine said that Angad won’t try to kill Tejo now and will try to marry her. Jasmine says that now she doesn’t think so and says that he will try to kill her knowing he can’t get her. She adds that even she would do the same in his place which shocks Amrik.

Tejo is waiting for Angad. The latter makes the pole fall over Tejo. But Fateh saves Tejo in time. Fateh says to Tejo to believe him at least now. Tejo scolds Fateh and runs from there. Angad comes to Tejo. The latter hugs Angad crying. Angad thinks that the story would be different if she had showed this trust him before. In India Gurpreet is praying to God for her children. She says that she’s happy after knowing Tejo is alive, but she can’t share this happiness with her family as Amrik said to not tell anyone. Gurpreet sees Mahi going somewhere. She asks Mahi where she’s going. Mahi lies that she’s going for shopping. Mahi feels guilty after Gurpreet left. Mahi wonders why the guy hasn’t send her the address yet. Just then she receives his message. She asks why he is calling her instead of any coffee shop. Abhiraj texts her that he wants make up for not coming last time by giving her a surprise.

Tejo and Angad are walking on the road talking about Fateh. Angad says that Fateh can’t do anything when he is with her. Tejo asks why he saved her if he wanted to kill her. Other hand Fateh tells Amrik and Jasmine that he saved Tejo in right time and says that Angad must have done. He wishes to make Tejo understand this. Amrik says that they call Gurpreet hear to convince Tejo. Jasmine says that Amrik told Gurpreet everything. Fateh scolds Amrik. He refuses to involve Gurpreet in this as her life can also get in danger. Jasmine says that Tejo will believe if Angad confess his crimes. Fateh agrees and prays to God for the same.

Mahi comes to the venue and looks for the guy. A guy comes from behind and blindfolds Mahi. He hugs her forcibly and gets close to her. Abhiraj records their video. Mahi hits his leg. The guy runs away. Lights go off. Mahi shouts and scolds that guy. But he isn’t there. Abhiraj thinks of defame Mahi by releasing her video as Tejo’s video got leaked. In London Jasmine receives Sweety’s phone. Sweety asks Jasmine if she’s not called Amrik and Fateh to London. Jasmine looks on. Angad brings Tejo a restaurant. He goes to the washroom. Tejo checks Angad’s phone when it beeps. She gets shocked on seeing the message if he killed Tejo. Angad comes back. He finds Tejo nervous and asks what happened. Tejo says that nothing. She makes an excuse of having low BP and leaves to go home. Angad gets suspicious and follows her.

Fateh phones Buzzo. He is in the police station. Fateh wants to talk to the inspector. Buzzo requests the inspector to talk to Fateh. He agrees. Fateh asks the inspector if he inquired Angad in Tejo’s case. Fateh says that he is sure that ignite the fire. There Angad stops Tejo and says that she should go home and says that she should eat something sweet or salt as her BP low. Here Fateh is about to tell the inspector that Tejo is alive, but Jasmine signs him to not say. Later Fateh asks Jasmine why she stopped him from telling the truth. Jasmine says that Angad is rich that’s why he escaped from the law till that and moreover they don’t know anything about how Tejo reached here and all. She says to Fateh to tell Buzzo to not tell police about Tejo being alive. Fateh obliges. There Angad gets for Tejo something to eat.

The episode ends.

Precap: Angad gives a tablet to Tejo. Tejo faints. Angad says that he has to end this story now.

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