Udaariyaan 10th November 2022 Written Update: Nehmat and Advait share a room

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The episode starts with Nehmat saying to Ekam that she came to Shimla to cover a story, but she is stuck there due to a sudden landslide. She says that the roads are blocked till morning. Ekam asks if someone is with her. Nehmat lies that a colleague is with her. Ekam feels relieved. Nehmat apologizes to Ekam for not being able to meet him that day. Ekam says that it’s fine. They disconnect the call. Ekam gets the idea of surprising Nehmat by going to Shimla. 

Ekam is shown going to Shimla on the bike. Mallika is disturbed, recalling Naaz’s words. On his way, he is stopped by police.  Ekam shows his ID proof. The officer advises Ekam not to go ahead as there are landslides on the roads and it’s too risky for him. Ekam still goes ahead by walking. He takes the jungle root. He crosses many obstacles and goes ahead. He sees a rose and plucks it to give it to Nehmat. Meanwhile, Advait and Nehmat try to find a route to reach Moha. But all the roads are blocked and it starts to rain. Advait says to Nehmat that they have to stay in Shimla for the night and have to find a hotel. Nehmat refuses and she’s adamant to reach Moha. Advait tries to explain to her that it’s not possible and tries to convince her to stay in Shimla for that night. Ekam reaches there, finding Nehmat, while Advait and Nehmat are arguing, sitting in the car, so Ekam and Nehmat fail to see each other. Nehmat agrees to stay in Shimla for that night. She gets down of the car. She imagines Ekam finding her and expressing his love by getting on his knee and giving her a flower, but he is shocked to see Advait there. On the other hand, Ekam is determined to find Nehmat and decides to search in the hotel. 

Nehmat asks Advait to talk to Mallika. Advait obliges. Advait says to Mallika that he is stuck somewhere and will talk to her in the morning after reaching home. Mallika recalls Naaz’s words and asks if he is in Shimla. Advait becomes angry and asks if she’s doubting him and tracking her. He says that she’s going to become a politician’s wife and asks her to trust him. Mallika apologizes to Advait and says that she trusts him. Mallika then thinks of calling Nehmat. She doubts whether Nehmat is with Advait. She then scolds herself for thinking like that. 

Shelly is shocked to spot Nehmat and Advait in a hotel. She decides to call Naaz and tell her. At the Sandhus, Rupy and Satti see the 25 lakh jewellery set that Rama got for Naaz and reprimand her for accepting to get such a costly set. Just then, Shelly makes a video call to Naaz. Naaz goes aside to talk as Shelly says that she wants to show Naaz something interesting. Shelly shows Nehmat and Advait talking to the receptionist. Naaz asks Shwlly to record it. Naaz thinks of showing it to someone else. Advait asks for two rooms. The reception says that there’s only room. Nehmat refuses and wants to go to another hotel. But Advait says that it’s raining, so they don’t have any other choice than to accept it. Nehmat agrees without any option. A man passes a bad comment about Advait and Nehmat. Advait gets angry and grabs him by his collar. Nehmat calms him down.

Advait asks Nehmat to go to the room while Advait fills the register with their details. Naaz sees everything through the video call. Naaz thinks that Nehmat and Advait are sharing a room and wonders what is happening.  She wonders whether Nehmat won’t become her sister-in-law in place of Nehmat. Advait and Nehmat are in the room. Ekam arrives at that hotel. He asks the receptionist to see the register. The receptionist refuses. Ekam shows his police ID. She allows him to see the register. Ekam is shocked to see the register. In the room, Nehmat says to Advait that she is feeling guilty to lie to Ekam. She says that this is very wrong. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door. Advait and Nehmat become tensed. Advait opens the door. Nehmat and Advait are shocked to see the person. 

The episode ends

Precap: Jasmine is talking to Naaz’s photo and says that she has a sister too. Naaz sees the file which contains Ekam and Jayveer newspaper cutting and becomes happy learning that they may get arrested.

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