Udaariyaan 10th September 2021 Written Update: Jasmine meets with an accident

Udaariyaan 10th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Fateh holding Jasmine’s hand and starting to leave. Gurpreet stops them and seperate their hands. Gurpreet says that Fateh won’t leave this house, but Jasmine will leave. Kushbeer says that he won’t let Fateh stay here. Nimmo scolds Jasmine saying that she doesn’t have any shame so that she’s still standing here. Jasmine leaves, but Fateh holds her hand. Jasmine removes Fateh’s hand and leaves. Gurpreet threatens Fateh that he will see her dead if he goes after Jasmine. Fateh admits that he did wrong with Tejo, but Jasmine is alone. Kushbeer and Fateh’s grandfather tell Gurpreet to let Fateh go.
Jasmine is on the road and crying. Tejo is lying on Satti’s lap crying. Rupy brings milk for Tejo and asks her to drink it. Fateh says to his family that Tejo family is with Tejo, but Jasmine is alone. He requests Gurpreet to let him go. He removes his mom’s hand and leaves. Kushbeer taunts Gurpreet saying that now she would have understood her son and worries for Tejo.

Tejo recalls her childhood moment with Jasmine. Tejo is playing dressing up like bride. Jasmine asks to give her bride dress. Tejo gives it to her. Jasmine is about to place her foot on a broken glass piece. Tejo places her hand on the glass piece and gets hurt. Tejo says that she always get hurt due to Jasmine. A heavy wind blows and Fateh and Tejo photo frame falls down. Kismat plays in the BG. Tejo looks at it teary eyes. She sees her bangles and recalls Jasmine asking Tejo to wear her bangles. Tejo removes the bangles and cries. Rupy and Satti cry seeing Tejo state. Rupy receive Jasmine’s call. Rupy scolds Jasmine for ruining Tejo’s life and tells her to die. Rupy says to Tejo that he always supported Jasmine since the childhood, but now he won’t ask Tejo to forgive Jasmine and Jasmine will get punished for her mistake. What belongs to Tejo, will always be Tejo’s. Tejo says that it was never hers.

Jasmine is walking on the road recalling Rupy’s words. A truck comes towards her. Jasmine turns around and before she can react, the truck hits Jasmine. Fateh comes running and sees Jasmine’s shawl hanging in a truck and recognizes it’s Jasmine’s. Then he hears people saying truck hit a girl and goes to check. He gets shocked on finding Jasmine laying unconscious. Fateh shouts Jasmine.

Kushbeer comes to meet Tejo. Rupy requests Kushbeer to not disturb her. Tejo comes out and takes Kushbeer blessings. Kushbeer tells Tejo to call her papa and asks to come to her house being her daughter. He has sent out those who troubled her. Satti says that Tejo won’t go there. That’s not her house anymore, Fateh and Jasmine ruined it. Kushbeer folds his hand and pleads with Tejo to come. Tejo calls Kushbeer as papa ji and apologizes to him and refuses to come. Dadi says that they shouldn’t force Tejo for anything. Kushbeer says that they will wait for Tejo and takes their leave.

Dadi says that Tejo won’t come back here after what Fateh did with Tejo. Gurpreet admits that Fateh did wrong, but they forced Tejo and Fateh in this marriage in spite of knowing that Fateh can’t forget Jasmine. Nimmo blames Jasmine. Kushbeer says that they should ashamed for still supporting Fateh. He tells them to sleep, they will talk the next day. Dadi says that she won’t move until Fateh comes back. The door bell rings. Gurpreet opens the door. Family gets shocked on finding Fateh holding Jasmine in his arms. Fateh says that Jasmine tries to commit suicide. Kushbeer firmly says that there’s no place for Jasmine in this house.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dadi gets heart attack. Mayi informs about Dadi’s health condition to Tejo. Family is praying to God. Tejo arrives. Fateh and the family look on.

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