Udaariyaan 11th February 2024 Written Update: Aasmaa slaps Alia

Udaariyaan 11th February 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Armaan asks Murtazim to get ready to escape tomorrow. Murtazim tells Armaan that he thought no one can beat Armaan and Aasmaa’s love but he was wrong. He asks Armaan that how can Aasmaa become second wife to the latter. Armaan says that Aasmaa is still his love and Murtazim has no right to talk about this matter. He adds that he did nothing and Aasmaa is behind all this. He warns Murtazim to stay away from his matters. Murtazim apologizes to Armaan.


Aasmaa asks Alia that what is the latter’s new plan. Alia smirks. She calls everyone. She asks Aasmaa to bring snacks. Baby asks Alia that what film the latter is going to show them. Alia says that it’s a love story and everyone will love it especially Aasmaa.

Aasmaa gets shocked seeing her and Murtazim marriage video. Everyone gets shocked seeing this especially Armaan. Alia smriks. Sukhi asks Aasmaa that what is all this. Aasmaa asks him to listen her once. Alia tells Aasmaa that the latter got married in padosi mulk and then here acted like Armaan’s wife. She says that Aasmaa already has someone else in her life. She asks Aasmaa that whether the latter wants both. She reveals that Murtazim has a son too.

Armaan recalls that how Zaid called Aasmaa as mother. Alia tells Aasmaa to stop the drama. She asks Aasmaa that why the latter is behind Armaan when she has someone in her life already. Aasmaa slaps Aliya. She says that she is just Armaan’s wife and everything else is lie. She reveals that she said qubool hai just twice. Alia asks Aasmaa that what proof the latter has to prove this. She says that she suspect Aasmaa is hiding Murtazim in their house that’s why army officers came there. Armaan takes Aasmaa inside. Alia thinks that Armaan will throw Aasmaa out of the house.

Armaan asks Aasmaa that why she deceived him. He says that Aasmaa got upset after hearing about Alia. Aasmaa tells him to ask what he want to know. He says that he would not have learnt about this if he did not watched the video then. She informs him that how she escaped from there. She reveals that Armaan’s life was in danger that’s why she said qubool hai twice. He gets shocked hearing this. She tells him that he can’t suspect her love ( Title song plays in the background ).

Baby asks Sukhi that what is happening in this house. Beeji tells Baby that Aasmaa said she did not tell qubool hai third time. She reminds Baby that Aasmaa brought Armaan from padosi mulk alive.

Alia asks Armaan that what Aasmaa said. Armaan warns her to not interfere in this matter. She tells him that Aasmaa lost her memory in padosi mulk so anything would have happened between Aasmaa and Murtazim. He throws her out of the room.

Aasmaa tells Murtazim that she choosed to become second wife of Armaan because of her love. Later, Armaan gives injection to Murtazim. He says that truck will come in an hour. Aasmaa brings food for Zaid. Zaid refuses to eat. Murtazim tells Aasmaa that today is Zaid’s birthday. Aasmaa wishes happy birthday to Zaid. Zaid says that he want to cut cake. Aasmaa says that they will celebrate Zaid’s birthday. She adds that she will bring cake. Armaan says that they will celebrate Zaid’s birthday. Alia wonders where is Armaan and Aasmaa. She hears Zaid’s voice.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Aasmaa searches Zaid. Alia asks Aasmaa that whether the latter is searching anyone.

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