Udaariyaan 11th June 2021 Written Update: Khushbeer promises to be there for Tejo

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The episode starts with Jasmine cries thinking about her words towards Tejo also her family members and Fateh’s disappointment towards her for her behaviour and cries. Sukhmini comes to meet Jasmine. Jasmine says to Sukhmini that she didnt intentionally hurt Tejo, she was angry and tells if anything happens to Tejo then she will not forgive herself. Jasmine worries how she is going to apologise to Tejo afyer whatever she said. Sukhmini asks Jasmine to apologise to God then they both Prays to god. In the morning Khushbeer tells Babu Ji on the call that their only hope is god. Khushbeer goes inside the temple then he hears a lady asks Tejo to stop working because she may get hurt for continuously working like that. Khushbeer walks towards Tejo. Tejo cleans the vessel. Khushbeer puts his hand on Tejo’s shoulder Tejo gets shocked seeing Khushbeer there. Khushbeer helps Tejo cleans her hand.

Khushbeer asks Tejo why she didnt inform anyone about her whereabouts and tells that everyone is worried about her the entire night. Tejo tells Khushbeer it’s not her intention to make everyone to worry that she came to temple but she dont know how she didnt realised that it’s too late and the temple has been closed. Khushbeer says to Tejo that he understands her and Fateh’s situation but both of them has to understand that its god who does everything in their life. Khushbeer says to Tejo that to him his family members and their happiness is more important than anything and he knows Tejo also puts her family members first then tells Tejo that they both think a like and asks Tejo to not to feel alone saying that he will be there for her.

Fateh opens the room door. Tejo looks at Fateh. Fateh hugs Tejo and says that he was worried about her so much. Tejo gets shocked. Fateh then asks Tejo where she was the entire night. Tejo tells Fateh that she went to temple but then she got stuck inside the house. Fateh asks Tejo how come she can be irresponsible and says to Tejo that they all are worried about her whereabouts. Tejo gets angry and says to Fateh that he already told him that she was upset also Jasmine then stops talking then leaves the room. Fateh looks at Tejo and says that he not even in his worst nightmare thought Jasmine will accuse Tejo like that. Abhiraj thanks Mahi for informing that Tejo is back.

Sandhu’s gets happy and says that they have to sleep properly now. Abhiraj says that he is hungry everyone agrees with him. Lovely tells that she will make Parathas for them. Jasmine comes there and says to everyone that she know nothing will happen to Tejo. Rupi warns Jasmine and asks her not to take Tejo’s name. Satti says to Rupi there is no use talking to someone like Jasmine who is selfish and thinks about herself only. Jasmine gets angry and says to everyone that it’s not her mistake that Tejo married to Fateh and says if there is anyone’s mistake then it’s their’s who literally forced Tejo in this marriage. Satti asks everyone to ignore Jasmine and says that she is going to meet Tejo. Jasmine goes behind Satti and asks her to bring her passport from Fateh. Satti scolds Jasmine. Jasmine tells Satti if she dont bring back then she will go to Veer’s house by herself. Lovely calms down Satti. Satti says to Lovely that she dont want Jasmine to create any more problem in Tejo’s life.

Tejo comes out of the room and sess Fateh is sleeping so she decides not to make any noise. While drying her hair her dress zip falls to the floor. Tejo gets shocked and searches for needle and thread but couldn’t find that so she goes nearby the bedside table to search. Fateh wakes up when a water droplet from Tejo’s wet hair accidentally falls on his face. Fateh asks Tejo to let him sleep then gets confused seeing Tejo is going backwards. Fateh then sees that Tejo’s dress through the mirror and apologises to Tejo then turns the other side. Tejo covers herself with a dupatta then goes inside the washroom. Gurpreet cleans the plate.

Nimmu comes there and says to Gurpreet that she understands her worries about Fateh but they can’t do anything because Tejo is the sole reason behind all their worries then tells Gurpreet that Tejo will create more problems in their life. Tejo comes to the kitchen and tries to apologise to Gurpreet but Gurpreet stops Tejo from talking then taunts her. Gurpreet then asks Tejo to not to create more problems in their life. Gurpreet then says to Tejo Tejo now she is a daughter in law of Veer’s so it’s her responsibility to save her in laws reputation. Mahi comes and asks Gurpreet and Nimmu what’s their problem. Gurpreet scolds Mahi to not to interfere when their elders are talking then says that she will never let her daughter become someone like Jasmine. Tejo gets shocked. Nimmu enjoys everything.

Jasmine gets ready and says if Satti cant bring her her passport from Fateh’s house then she will go there directly. Jasmine tries to open the door but gets shocked that her door has been locked from outside. Jasmine calls for help. Dilraj says to Jasmine that he dont know how to open a lock without keys and asks Jasmine to wait until Satti returns and he is going to have his Parathas.

Jasmine gets angry and tells that this is not right to treat her like that and says that she will take back her passport from Fateh at any cost. Satti comes to meet Tejo. Tejo invites her to come inside the house. Satti refuses saying that she blamed her in laws when Jasmine called off her wedding so she dont know how to face them. Tejo says to Satti even they also bad mouthed about their family. Satti asks Tejo to leave this then says that how Fateh got worried also supported her when he gets to know that Jasmine misbehaved with her. Satti says to Tejo that since yesterday she think soon everything is going to become normal in Fateh and Tejo’s life. Tejo recalls Fateh hugged her and scold her for making them worried about her then gets emotional.

The episode ends.

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