Udaariyaan 11th November 2023 Written Update: Aasman arrives at Armaan’s place for Diwali!

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Episode starts with Deepak arriving at Armaan’s place. He brings Diwali shagun sent by Beeji. Rano asks if Aasman has come or not. Deepak says this is what she decided and he didn’t want to force him. Ekam comes and says that he respects Aasman’s decision but has brought her stupid daughter since he doesn’t want to start the enmity again that Aasman ended.  Sukhi says that somewhere he and Ekam are also responsible for what Armaan and Alia did. He says that Alia and Armaan would seek Aasman her forgiveness and only if she forgives them then they would be at peace.  


Aasman arrives at Armaan’s house. Everyone stares at her, especially Armaan. Rano hugs Aasman and welcomes her inside. Raja says to her that they missed her alot and she must not go anywhere now. He tells Aasman about the rangoli that Armaan made for her. Ekam says that this is his first Diwali with his daughter. He says that there’s nothing he can give her but he does have something that might give her a little peace. He asks Alia  to say sorry to Aasman. Alia comes forward and bends down on her knees. She apologises to Aasman for everything. Aasman tells her that she doesn’t need to apologise since it won’t make a difference. Some things lead to trust issues that have happened to her also. Aasman prays to Lord to give her strength to deal with this pain while Armaan prays to Matarani for another chance.

Kabir shoots a firecracker aiming at Aasman while they all remain busy in Aarti. Armaan notices the cracker and alerts everyone. Armaan goes out screaming for the person who’s hiding. Ekam also comes out and asks what’s wrong. He tells Ekam that there’s someone here who’s hiding and trying to hurt Aasman.  Ekam asks him not to worry and says he will look into the matter. 

After the puja, Rano asks Aasman where she is going since this is her house only. She says that she came here just to respect her but she can never forget what happened to her. She says that people who love each other must stay happy together. Armaan comes forward and says that a person can never be right all the time and he only realises what’s right and what’s not after one makes a mistake. He has realised that Alia was never right for her but Aasman is. He says that he would keep apologising to her till she forgives him. Aasman doesn’t reply and says that she must leave. She comes out alone. Armaan comes out and asks her to let him drop her home. He says that there’s no need. She gets up in her car and leaves. Armaan follows her on his bike. As Aasman gets down, Armaan says that he will be here all night and if anything happens with her she must call him anytime. She says that he doesn’t need his protection and must learn to protect herself. 

Armaan says that he understands what he did but asks her if she doesn’t love him anymore . Aasman says that he doesn’t know what love is and once a person loves someone , he or she fails to get rid of that feeling forever. She says that if he cares for her then he must leave. Asmaan goes inside the house. Armaan feels like someone got inside the house from the window. Aasman enters her room and finds it decorated. She recalls her past and feels overwhelmed. Aasman calls Armaan and asks her why he decorated her room and what he wants. Armaan realises that the stalker is in her room so calls her again. Episode ends. 

Precap : Kabir chloroform Aasman in her sleep and abducts Aasman!

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