Udaariyaan 11th October 2021 Written Update: Jasmine’s plan gets failed

Udaariyaan 11th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Gurpreet saying to Kushbeer that he won’t go to the market alone. Fateh suggests accompanying him, but Kushbeer denies. Gurpreet sternly says that he has to go with Fateh. Kushbeer agrees. They leave. Jasmine sees this. Tejo tells over phone to Simran that she will come in one hour, she has a good news. Jasmine sees this hiding. After Tejo left, Jasmine texts to Simran from Tejo’s phone asking her to come with Candy to the market, she will tell the good news there. Simran wonders why Tejo changed the plan and wants to call her, but changes the mind that maybe Kushbeer would be with her. Simran texts that she will come in 15 mins.

Kushbeer and Fateh are in the market. Jasmine is hiding and waiting for Simran. Simran comes there with Candy. Jasmine gets happy and wishes that they see each other. Candy sees Kushbeer and shouts Nanaji. Jasmine gets happy. Simran turns and sees Kushbeer and Fateh. Simran closes Candy’s mouth and takes him away, so Kushbeer heard Candy’s voice, but fails to see him. Fateh asks Kushbeer why he’s looking around. Kushbeer says that he heard Candy’s voice. Fateh says that he must be hallucinating as he misses Candy. Jasmine wonders where Simran went with Candy. Simran sees hiding Kushbeer and Fateh leaving. She runs from there with Candy. Jasmine also leaves getting upset. On their way Candy asks Simran why she didn’t let him meet Kushbeer. Simran says that he can meet him later. Simran phones Tejo and says that thankfully she alterted her earlier. Tejo says that God saved her, she did right by messaging her and she realised that something is wrong. Tejo recalls reading Simran’s message. Tejo asks Simran to go home. Tejo says that she threatened Jasmine that she will reveal her lie to Fateh yet Jasmine didn’t mend her ways. Mayi asks Tejo to bring Candy soon as in two hours puja will start. Tejo seeks Goddess help.

Simran refuses to come saying that Kushbeer called Candy’s mom. Tejo says that she has to go one day and today Goddess has come home. She says that maybe it’s God sign. It’s time to get what they lost. If they don’t tell, Jasmine will tell which isn’t good for them. They have make everything fine before Jasmine spoils everything. Tejo’s family comes at Virk’s house and greets them. They ignore Jasmine which angers the latter. Rupy asks for Tejo. Mayi says that Tejo went to bring a special guest. Simran says to Tejo that she is unmarried, she has become mother before marriage, what will happen if they get to know about Candy. Tejo says that let them know. They will accept her when they will see her with Candy and once she come and stay there, they will tell them the truth in right time.

The priest ask who will light the diya. Family wonders where Tejo is. Jasmine drags Fateh and is about to light the diya, but Biji stops Jasmine saying that only married couple can light it and Fateh and Tejo aren’t divorced yet. Gurpreet lights the diya. The jagratha begins. Gurpreet recalls how Simran used to disguise as Matarani and Kushbeer used to touch her feet. Fateh phones Tejo and asks where she’s as Biji told him to ask her. Tejo says that she’s coming with Fateh’s mother. Candy is disguised as Hanuman ji. Candy comes to Virk’s house calling Nanaji. Kushbeer lifts him and says that he came disguised. Candy says that his mom made him ready. Kushbeer says that one thing is missing. He ties the churni around his head. Candy asks one more for his mom. Kushbeer asks where his mom is. Simran hesitates to go inside the house recalling Kushbeer’s words. Tejo motivates her to go in. Candy comes running there and drags Simran inside. Kushbeer and Gurpreet come there and get shocked on seeing Simran. Candy introduces Kushbeer to Simran. Candy makes Simran sit down and ties the churni. Candy says to Kushbeer that this is her mom Simran. Fateh and others also come there and get stunned seeing Simran. Fateh and Amrit hug Simran. Kushbeer steps back and sits down. Gurpreet cries hugging candy. Tejo cries and sits down in front of Kushbeer and holds his hands. Tejo tries to wipe Kushbeer’s tear, but Kushbeer stops Tejo holding her hands. Jasmine gets happy.

The episode ends.

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