Udaariyaan 12th April 2021 Written Update: Satti to mortgage her jewellery for Tejo’s marriage finance

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Episode begins with Satti, Rupi, Beeji, Harman, Lovely (Tejo’s Taiji), Abhiraj in a room discussing about Tejo’s marriage finance. Satti says to everybody that no one should know that they are meeting here. Abhiraj asks Satti how will they manage Tejo’s marriage finance when they have no money left; Moreover marriage is in one week. Rupi says, somehow they managed the engagement, only god knows what will happen in future. Harman says to Rupi to not take tension he will arrange money somehow. Rupi angrily asks, “from where will you arrange money”.

Abhiraj too angrily says to Harman that its all his mistake. Beeji scolds them to shut up. Satti too asks them shut otherwise Tejo will get to know everything. She adds, they will anyhow have to arrange money. She cries saying, do anything but arrange money. Abhiraj asks Satti to mot cry or worry, he will somehow arrange money (by taking loan from friends or will do anything).

Fateh reaches outside his home. Hos siblings and Buzzo waiting for him asks him if he has gone mad. All three ask him why and how he decided to go Canada. Fateh says he has gone mad in Jasmine’s love. He says he almost decided to forget Jasmine but god showed him the way. Buzzo asked him did god messaged him way to Canada. Fateh replies not message, god gave him hint. He adds, that he loves Jasmine and now his dream is to fulfill his love’s dream by taking her Canada. Buzzo asks Mahi and Amrik to wear the bad sight from Fateh, he has gone mad.

Other side, Jasmine wears off the bad sight from Tejo. She says to her that Satti was saying her (Tejo’s) face was sparkling like moon and its Jazz’s love’s effect. Tejo makes Jasmine sit and tell her that she too will get a person who will love her very much. Jasmine says she already met her imported lover, but doesn’t have Canada’s Visa. Tejo asks her who. Jasmine replies Fateh and also tell that he proposed her. Mahi and Amrik ask Fateh had he thought of Khushbeer’s (Fateh’s father) reaction. Fateh says he will not break his father’s heart or promise. He will try to convince Khushbeer. Amrik and Mahi says its not easy to convince Khushbeer. Fateh says he will now try convince Jasmine by applying for Canada Jobs.

Tejo asks Jasmine what did she replied to Fateh. Jasmine replies that she already told Fateh if he will have Canada’s Visa only then would become her husband. Tejo asks how will Fateh go to Canada. Other side Mahi stops Fateh from looking for jobs in Canada. She asks what Jasmine replied to him about his love confession. Fateh replies she was shocked but one day she will too fall in love with him. Mahi cries and says she doesn’t want his heart to break. Fateh calms her that Jasmine hasn’t refused him till now he still have chances. Jasmine praises Fateh and wish he belonged to Canada. She says she will return Fateh his gifts and tells Tejo that he asked her to be his friend till he gets a Job in Canada.

Jasmine sees Canada flight and wishes to sit in it and reach Canada with someone. Harman requests some money from lovely for Tejo’s marriage but she denies contributing anything. Next morning Tejo overhears Khushbeer talking to media about his opinion of not living  a comfortable life in Canada. He tells media that he and his whole family love their country only. Tejo gets shocked on knowing that Fateh is Khushbeer’s son.

Fateh asks Amrik to help in getting  recommendation letter from professor, then only he could apply for job in Canada. Both brothers see Tejo outside their house. Tejo angrily asks Fateh why he is showing Jasmine false dreams of taking her to Canada, when his father’s opinion are so different. Fateh tells her that he will somehow manage his father. Both get into a tiff about Jasmine. Tejo asks Fateh to come to Jasmine when his father gets convinced. Fateh tells her that no one can keep Jasmine away from him.

Jasmine’s friends asks her why she broke Fateh heart. Jasmine says Jazz is also searching a Canadian guy for her. Preeto calls Jasmine and sends Jazz’s picture to her but Jasmine fails to see it because low data. Neetu on the other still wishes for Jazz to return. Preeto tries toe explain her that he is fraud. Tejo’s marriage cards are shown ready. Satti Mortgage her jewellery shocking Rupi, Abhiraj and Harman. Tejo reach the same room and everyone get scared thinking she heard them.

Tejo asks Satti for her earrings that she wants to wear in her mehndi ceremony. Satti lies that she has given them to jeweller for some repair work. Jasmine takes Tejo telling her about Jazz’s surprise. Fateh’s sports authority professor ask Fateh if he is sure of going to Canada leaving everything behind. Jazz ask Tejo to select some international honeymoon package for them. Fateh gets his recommendation letter. Jazz explain that Tejo can catch them if will not do all this honeymoon or other drama to fool her. Jazz smirk and thinks its easy to fool emotional people .

Episode Ends

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