Udaariyaan 12th June 2024 Written Update: Meher finds Sarab funny.

Udaariyaan 12th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with, Sarab telling Haniya and Meher that he won’t work for them. Haniya apologises to Sarab but Meher says that she need not apologise. Meher asks Haniya to not apologise and asks Sarab to leave. Aasman arrives and apologises to Sarab for everything and also says they are ready to compensate for it but requests him to not leave the job.

Sarab joins his hands and says that she is a respectable person and also older in age so she need not apologise but he can’t work here anymore. Munni intervenes and says to Sarab that he is not doing the right thing by not listening to her. Aasman tells Meher that if he lodges a complaint against them then they would be at great loss. Sarab says that he would work for the company but won’t report to Meher. Aasman asks Sarab to report to her.

Simmy asks Haniya to start doing makeup to impress Sarab but she says he likes her stained in mud. She makes a plan to mitigate things among Sarab and Meher. Next morning, she punctures Meher’s car. Since Meher has an important meeting, Haniya asks Meher to leave for Chandigarh in their office jeep and requests Sarab to drive the jeep. She sends them together hoping they don’t fight again. She sits at the cafe with Simmy and tells her that Sarab loves her and he is doing all of this for her only.

On the way, Sarab and Meher keep up their cat fights. He stops at a Dhaba and gets off for having some lunch but Meher refuses to have anything at the Dhaba. Leo mixes whiskey in Simmy’s drink so she starts shouting and saying that she would complain to the manager but Aasman asks her to keep shut since it’s Sarab’s brother. After having his lunch, Sarab tells Meher that he will get some rest now. He requests a waiter of the Dhaba to make some special arrangements for Meher and request her to have lunch. Meher was actually very hungry and was staring at Sarab showing off the tasty food ao she hurriedly has her lunch while thinking Sarab is sleeping.

Meher asks Sarab to get her down but he says he isn’t her driver so she must get off on her own. She says she might even say sorry and thank you to her if he helps her get down. Sarab gets down the car to bring down Meher but then falls into the mud. Seeing him all mud stained, Meher starts giggling like a little girl while Sarab stares at her and smiles.
When Meher comes back home, Haniya asks her if everything is okay. Meher starts giggling and tells Aasman that this Sarab is a funny guy. Seeing her giggle so much, her family wonders what’s wrong with her. Haniya thinks that things must have been sorted between them and smiles.

Episode ends .

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