Udaariyaan 12th November 2023 Written Update: Armaan abducts Aasman!

Udaariyaan 12th November 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Aasman asking Armaan over the phone why he decorated her room again. Armaan says that he hasn’t done anything like this. Armaan tries calling her but she doesn’t pick up his call. Aasman sees someone hiding in her room behind her bed and gets scared. The man runs away while Armaan runs after him. He holds the man from behind and tries to unmask him but he takes out a knife from his ankle and makes a deep cut on Armaan’s arm. He still tries to run after the man but Aasman stops him and takes him inside.


Armaan says that he knows that he has done wrong with her but Armaan says that he loves her even more than his life. Suddenly Aasman cries and behaves weird. Aasman consoles her and tries to stop her from crying but then she again gets rid of Armaan. Armaan tries to convince Aasman’s family that she isn’t safe so he wants to take her to his place but Aasman refuses to go with him. Deepak says to Armaan that his daughter doesn’t want to go with him. Ekam also says that he has put some constables outside their house so no one will be able to get inside. Aasman asks Armaan to leave. Before he leaves, he tells Aasman that since he is still her husband, he has rights over her and can even force her. Aasman says that under no condition she would go to his place.

Someone enters Aasman’s room at night and chloroforms her. He kidnaps Aasmaan and takes her somewhere. As Aasman regains her consciousness, she sees Armaan standing in front of her. He says that whatever he did, he did for her good. Aasman asks him to let him go but Armaan locks her in his room. Aasman bangs the door so Sukhi and Rano ask him what’s going on. He says that her life is in danger so he needs to protect her. Sukhi calls Deepak to take a call on what to do. Deepak hurriedly comes to Armaan’s place. Ekam arrives before him and slaps Armaan for doing this. He asks him to handover the key but he refuses. Sukhi brings a thick bamboo stick and starts beating Armaan with it. Armaan receives the beating but still doesn’t hand over the key.

Rano stops Preand tells Armaan that he has already made a lot of scenes and that’s enough. She says that if he wants to stay with Aasman then he must win her heart and not do these things. He hands over the key to Rano who opens the door for Aasman. Ekam asks Aasman to give him a written complaint right now so that he can get Armaan arrested. Aasman says that she doesn’t want to make any complaint and asks Deepak tk get back. As they start moving, Raja and Neetu’s daughter come running and wish her Happy Birthday. Aasman asks Rano to give Aasman some sweets and request her to stay back for her birthday tonight. Rano asks for Deepak’s permission. Everyone requests Asmaan to stay back for them so Aasman agrees. Kabir watches all of this from outside. Aasman goes inside the room and closes the door on Armaan’s face. Armaan waits outside Aasman’s room as her security guard.

Precap: Kabir plans to kidnap Aasman from Armaan’s place and mixes in the party as a joker.

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