Udaariyaan 13th April 2021 Written Update: Fateh helps Sandhu’s

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Episode begins with Satti serving food to Beeji, Harman and Rupi. Harman and Rupi tells family that ration seller refused to give them ration and asked to give him half money in advance. Satti got tensed thinking that confectioner (Halwaai) asked for many ingredients, how will they manage now. Rupi git disheartened think no child gets his type of father. Fateh enters with ration in Sandhu house making everyone confused. He makes Beeji blush with his sweet talk. Rupi tells Fateh they can’t take ration from him as he is from groom’s side. Fateh tells he is also like their son and ask them to pay to the shopkeeper anytime they want. 
Satti thanks Fateh for his help.

Fateh stops Satti from crying and tell her to save her tears for Tejo’s farewell. He takes blessings from Beeji. Beeji makes him drink lassi. Fateh stares Jasmine coming downstairs. He takes a leave from Sandhu’s. Satti tells Beeji that God sent Fateh as an angel for them. Rupi says Fateh is nice a person, his parents must be proud of him. In Amrik’s laptop, Khushbeer reads his news draft, which says that according to his opinion talent of young generation of India is far more in comparison to remaining world.

Just after this line laptop’s battery goes dead. Khushbeer asks Amrik to bring the charger.  Fateh on call asks Buzzo that if he got his recommendation letter or not. Jasmine returns Fateh his gifts, saying that there is no scope of him getting job in Canada. He doesn’t take the gifts back and said that he has full scope. Amrik searches for charger but fails to get it. He gives Khushbeer Fateh’s laptop. 

Mahi scolds Amrik for giving Fateh’s laptop to Khushbeer. She says that there must be Canada Job searches tabs opened in it as last night Fateh was searching them. She adds that Fateh sent application for jobs in 10-12 companies. Amrik says if Khushbeer opens the laptop then Fateh’s love story will get finished even before it’s start. Fateh’s grandmother brings aamla chutney for Khushbeer, and he gets interrupted by it. Fateh’s grandfather says that his wife didn’t made amla pickle for him even after many requests but for her son she made amla chutney. Mahi closes Fateh’s laptop and says that Amrik snatched it when she was doing her project on it. Both brother sister fight and run away. 

Fateh works and helps in Sandhu house. He stares Jasmine practicing dance with her friends. While staring Jasmine he almost burns his hand but Satti saves him on time. Fateh says this way he will learn work. Satti says why will he have to work. Fateh says he will not let his wife work. Satti says his wife will be lucky.  He says yes. He again stares Jasmine and she shows him her thumb. 

She shows attitude in front of her friends saying that Fateh is wasting time on her thinking of him as DDLJ’s Shahrukh Khan and her as Kajol. Fateh continues helping whole Sandhu family. Fateh tells Beeji that he will take her to Canada. He takes very hot shakar paare for Jasmine. He brings them at normal temperature and make Jasmine eat it with love and Shayari. Tejo witness them with surprise. Jasmine doesn’t give importance to Fateh. 

Tejo asks Fateh why is he trying to come near Jasmine because his or Jasmine’s dream won’t get fulfilled like this. She apso asks did he talked to his father about Canada, he replies that once he gets job in Canada he will convince his father and bring a marriage proposal for Jasmine. Sandhu’s gets tensed thinking why Abhiraj didn’t returned. Abhiraj tells everyone that banquet hall they selected is given to someone else. Rupi think to book another banquet but Abhiraj tells everyone that manager didn’t returned their advance money. Tejo comes from behind and ask him what has happened? Whomever he wants to kill?

Nobody is able to tell her anything. Father hears his grandparents shayari.  He asks them if anyone is upset will their shayari work. Grandfather advices Fateh to not hide anything from his love. Tejo gets to know about banquet hall problem and ask everyone why they didn’t shared their problem with her. She says her marriage can done from their home only. Satti worries about Jazz and his mother’s opinion. Tejo says Jazz will be happy in her happiness only. She makes her family recall their moments she spent with her in her home.

Fateh’s job application gets accepted. His interview gets scheduled in next week. He gets happy with it and his father asks him whose interview is he talking about. He asks whose call was it. Fateh lies that it was for his online class. Fateh gets happy and shows his happiness to his grandparents. He thinks once his interview gets cleared he will send a marriage proposal to Jasmine’s house. 

Jazz and his mother enjoys the money and jewellery they got. They discuss that Tejo’s parents will give them more till marriage. Beeji gives her jewellery to Rupi to sell and handle Tejo’s marriage finance. Harman tells everyone that his friend is ready to give him loan. Jazz and his mother gets scared seeing police coming upstairs. Both mother-son gets scared thinking police came for them as police reaches to their floor. 

Episode Ends

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