Udaariyaan 13th October 2021 Written Update: Police arrests Tejo

Udaariyaan 13th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Tejo saying to Gurpreet to give Simran time to tell her about her life and asks to promise to not get angry on Simran after knowing the truth and support her. Simran apologizes to Kushbeer for hurting. Gurpreet says that Simran was very close to Kushbeer and wishes Kushbeer remembers this. Kushbeer says that Simran didn’t respect her parents love. He says that daughters should be like Tejo who made their parents proud not like Simran, who is selfish and brought shame to her parents. Tejo says that they should thank Matarani for bringing back Simran home. Gurpreet asks Tejo to promise to call her mom hereafter. Tejo hugs Gurpreet. The latter says that she has three daughters hereafter and her daughter will offer prasad to Goddess. Kushbeer says that he has only two daughters, Mayi and Tejo. Unlike Gurpreet he won’t get affected with Simran’s tears. He let her stay in the house for Candy’s sake, but he will never forgive her. He asks her to leave.

Tejo, Gurpreet, Mayi and Biji are praying to Goddess. Simran comes to the Hall and cries sitting on the couch. They rush to her and ask what happened. Simran says that Kushbeer is still angry with her. Tejo says that he’s also agree with her and assures Simran that he will forgive her soon. Simran says that Kushbeer can forgive Tejo, but not her since she’s not a good daughter like Tejo. Fateh and Amrit come there. Fateh asks what happened. Gurpreet says that Simran is sad with Kushbeer’s words. Fateh sign Mayi and Amrit. They cheer up Simran. They share a group hug and jump. Mayi drags Tejo with them. Jasmine fumes on seeing this. Jasmine goes back to her room and throws things. She vows to make Tejo leave this house. Fateh’s phone rings. She attends the call. She gets shocked first then smiles. She says that she’s Tejo Virk Singh is speaking and asks him to come to the academy the next day morning. She disconnects the call and says that she made arrangements for Tejo and smirks.

In the academy, two men has come to collect their money. Jasmine acts as she’s a newly joined employee in the academy. They demand to give their money. She shows the accounts file to them and says that lot of payments are pending and taxes aren’t pay. She can see only one way to get their money. The man ask what. Family is discussing about Candy. Biji says that his mami Tejo can teach Candy. Tejo says that she’s not his mami, but can become his maasi. Nimmo says that Jasmine ruined family’s relation too and asks where she’s. Mayi says that she must have left for the academy. Jasmine says that Tejo is Fateh’s wife and she’s handling all the accounts details and they can find her sign in the file. The man remembers Fateh saying that Tejo is working with him in the academy. The men leave.

Police team arrives at Virk’s house. The inspector asks to call Tejo as they have arrest warrant on her name shocking the family. Kushbeer says that Tejo is his daughter, his pride, she won’t go with them and asks them to leave. The inspector says that they’re doing their duty. Biji asks what Tejo did. The inspector says that Tejo neither give profit nor return the money to the people, who invested in the academy. Gurpreet says that they have a misunderstanding, Tejo can’t do like this. The inspector says that the investors filed a police complaint against Tejo, they have to arrest Tejo and Submit in the court. Kushbeer says that he will call the commissioner. Tejo says to Kushbeer to calm down as he’s already not well. She asks him to let the police do their duty. The investors must have a misunderstanding, but for now she has to go with them. Family gets shocked. A lady police drags Tejo out and makes her sit in the police car.

Jasmine says that Tejo would have got arrested by now and she doesn’t want Fateh to learn about this very soon. Fateh comes there searching for his phone. Jasmine hides it inside the laptop. Jasmine asks Fateh about Canada’s plan to divert him. Kushbeer tries to contact Fateh, but he can’t reach him. Fateh says that they can’t do anything until he gets divorce. He asks Jasmine to give his phone. The peon comes there saying that he got a call. Fateh gets shocked learning that Tejo got arrested due to academy issues. He gets ready to go to the police station, but Jasmine stop him saying that Tejo was handling the academy works before, she must have done some mistakes and asks why he goes there. Fateh asks Jasmine to not talk rubbish and leaves. Jasmine says that Fateh can’t save Tejo this time.

The officer says Kushbeer to leave, but he refuses. He asks how they can arrest Tejo. The officer asks him to let them do their duty. Simran consoles Gurpreet. Satti and Tejo brother come to the police station. They keet Kushbeer and asks why Tejo got arrested when the academy is theirs. Fateh and Jasmine come there. Fateh says to Kushbeer that he will handle this and asks Kushbeer to go home as he’s not well. Fateh goes inside. Jasmine ties to go inside, but her brother stops her. Rupy asks Jasmine if she’s not behind Tejo’s arrest. Jasmine says that Tejo was handling the accounts, so she must have done some mistakes, Tejo can also be wrong. The lawyer comes. Kushbeer asks the lawyer to bail Tejo anyhow. Gurpreet prays to Goddess for Tejo. Kushbeer and Tejo’s parents come back home. Gurpreet asks will Tejo get saved. Satti says that they have to pray to Goddess for Tejo They all pray. Jasmine smirks and says that Tejo can’t be saved, she will have to stay away from her life.

The episode ends.

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