Udaariyaan 13th September 2021 Written Update: Tejo decides to stay at Virk’s house

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The episode starts with Tejo’s brother handing Tejo her suitcase. Tejo asks kushbeer which one is her room. Fateh and Jasmine come to the hall. Kushbeer gets happy and says her to stay in her room. Jasmine gets shocked and looks at Fateh. Kushbeer tells Amrit to put Tejo’s suitcase in her room. Fateh tries to talk to Kushbeer. The latter says that Fateh doesn’t have any rights to speak, that room belonged to Tejo and will belong to Tejo as well. He warns Fateh to not trouble Tejo. He tells Tejo to go to her room. Tejo leaves taking her suitcase.

Fateh says to Kushbeer that he admits he has commited lot of mistakes and bringing Tejo back home isn’t a solution, it will create more problem. He doesn’t love Tejo and he can’t accept her as his wife. Kushbeer says that he has brought Tejo home as his daughter and she has come for Biji. He asks Fateh and Tejo to leave the house, if they have any problem with Tejo.

Tejo’s family lamenting about what happened with Tejo. Dadi suggests Rupy and Satti to convince Jasmine to come back home. Satti says that she will beg to Jasmine to not destroy Tejo’s married life. Rupy says that it won’t affect Jasmine. Mahi says to Tejo to wait until she cleans the room. Jasmine comes there and asks Mahi how she dared to touch her things. Mahi says that she’s doing what Kushbeer instructed her and hands Jasmine her things. Mayi leaves with Amrit. Jasmine asks Tejo what this new drama is. Tejo says that if she has to stay in this room, the useless things need to be thrown out. Jasmine says that Tejo is useless thing in this house as her husband doesn’t want her to stay here. Fateh belongs to get and therefore this room and house belong to her too. Jasmine asks why Tejo has returned here when she left cutting all ties with the family. Tejo says that the destiny united her with Fateh. Jasmine says that her destiny brought her therefore she’s staying in this room. Tejo says that everything in this room is designed as per her taste including the wall color. Jasmine spoils the wall by throwing the food plate. Fateh and Tejo photo frame falls and breaks.

Jasmine says that she has right on this wall and this house. Fateh comes there and asks what happened. Jasmine lies that it happened by mistake, they have to paint again the wall. Fateh asks Tejo why she has returned home, she won’t get him back by doing this. Tejo says that he’s not the Fateh with whom she stayed in this room. Why she will try to get him back when she doesn’t know even know him. Jasmine says that Tejo can’t stand that Fateh loves her, so she has come to snatch Fateh from her. Tejo says that snatching is Jasmine’s habit, she has been snatching everything from her since their childhood. She has given her everything as she knows she is not capable to get anything on her own. Tejo further says that she can get Fateh back if she wants, but she won’t. She has come to make her understand that she can’t fool her everytime by taking advantage of her love and feeling. Tejo says to Fateh that he will soon realise Jasmine’s true color.

Fateh tells Jasmine to leave as he doesn’t want Biji’s health to get deteriorated. Jasmine refuses. Tejo suggests Jasmine sleeping on the floor if she doesn’t want to leave the room. Fateh takes Jasmine from there saying that they won’t stay here for long. Tejo cries recalling remembering Rupy saying her to fight for her rights. Jasmine argues with Fateh saying that room is hers and she has rights to stay there. Jasmine says that she felt like Tejo challenging her. Fateh says that she started to fight with Tejo, he saw her spoiling the wall. He tells her to not fight with Tejo until she calms down. He tells her to adjust since Tejo will stay here until Biji will get well and they will also leave when they will get visa for Canada. Jasmine says that her family likes Tejo. Fateh advises Jasmine to win her family’s heart, it wasn’t easy for Tejo as well. He leaves. Jasmine is frustrated.

Jasmine hears Biji says to Tejo that she wants to drink cool drink. Jasmine gets soft drinks from the fridge. Gurpreet scolds Jasmine asking if she doesn’t know cold drink isn’t given to a sick person. Tejo brings Biji’s favorite juice. Gurpreet praises Tejo which irks Jasmine. In the night Fateh comes to his room to get his clothes. Fateh gets hurt in his foot while searching for his night clothes. Tejo gives Fateh his clothes and continues to work on her laptop. Fateh comes out of the room and finds Jasmine. The latter asks if he has come to his room to sleep there. Fateh clarifies that he has come to take his night clothes. Jasmine says that she will shift his things to the guestroom so that he doesn’t need to come to any stranger’s room in the night.

The episode ends.

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