Udaariyaan 14th February 2024 Written Update: Alia becomes even more jealous of Aasman.

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Episode starts with, Aasman hiding in the mandir crowd with Zaid. Armaan comes and takes away Aasman, Zaid and Murtazim with them. Sukhi waits for them in his car nearby so he takes them away in his car. Alia comes to Baby and asks what is all of this. She says that her attention must be on Murtazim and Zaid now instead of Aasman. They reach a check point where a huge police crowd waits. Sukhi manages the sitiation by talking to his known person there.Baby asks Alia to take advantage of Aasman’s weakness. She asks to instigate Armaan against Aasman. No man would tolerate infedility so she must take advantage of it.


Sukhi brings Zaid and Murtazim home hiding from the police. He tells the police that they would inform them when Aasman comes back. The police sits outside their house and keeps an eye on them. They say that he shouldn’t have brought them home. Sukhi says that looking at the fact that he saved his kid’s lives and he is not an informer of the other state, he has brought them home butbut they need to be very careful. Baby says that they need not worry since she has taught Alia to not take any stupid step.

Rano comes to Murtazim’s room and serves them turmeric milk. She apologises to Aasman for misbehaving. She thanks Murtazim for saving Armaan’s life and says he is equally important for her now just like his Armaan. He sits at Rano’s feet and says that today he saw jannat at a mother’s feet. He says if she ever needs any help, he is ready to even surrender his life. She says he has already given her the best gift and made a huge sacrifice by saving Armaan’s life risking his own.

Armaan sees Aasman and Murtazim resting on Rano’s shoulders. Armaan brings some clothes for Murtazim. Rano asks him to leave since if the police see all of them together in one room they would have a doubt. Asmaan stays back inside the room. As Murtazim’s shirt buttons break, Aasman asks him to give her his shirt so that she can stich it. Armaan sees Aasman and Murtazim in the room together and feels bad. Aasman comes oit to bring another shirt and sees Armaan going away. She runs towards him and hugs him tight from behind. She asks him to stay like this for sometime since it would give her some peace.

She thanks Armaan for supporting her and helping her. Both express their love for each other and Aasman asks him to hug her tight so he does accordingly. Armaan says that they must go and sleep now since it’s already late. As he sees a bruise on Aasman’s feet he lifts her in his arms and takes her to their room. Then he puts medicine on it while Aasman stares at him with a smile on her face. Armaan tears off a button of his shirt on purpose and asks Aasman to repair it. She tears of rest of the buttons and they have an intimate moment together. Alia sees them from outside and burns with jealousy. Zaid comes inside and tells Aasman that he wants to sleep with her. Episode ends.

Precap : Alia would be trying to take advantage of the distance between Armaan and Aasman.

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