Udaariyaan 14th October 2021 Written Update: Tejo exposes Jasmine

Udaariyaan 14th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the police officer asking Tejo to come out of the lock up as the charges on her were removed. Tejo asks if the investors withdrew their complaint. The officer says no but someone took the blame on himself. Tejo gets shocked seeing police bringing Fateh handcuffed. Tejo asks Fateh why he did like this, she hasn’t asked him. Fateh says that he knows she’s innocent and he would die out of guilt, if he hasn’t done this. He further says that he proved that Tejo is no more his partner, but Jasmine is. Tejo says that Virk’s family had already faced lot of humiliation, Kushbeer is inwell. Fateh says that Tejo is still Virk family’s daughter-in-law and moreover he’s her culprit. Tejo looks on. Fateh is put in the lock up. Tejo leaves.

Tejo’s brother, Abhiraj, says to Virks that Fateh took the blame on him and proved Tejo’s innocence. Jasmine fights with the lawyer asking how he can do like this with Fateh. Abhiraj stops her saying that Fateh did right. Jasmine says that Fateh is his brother-in-law. He says that he’s her brother-in-law too. Jasmine then fights with Tejo asking why she has sent Fateh to the jail. Kushbeer stops Jasmine. Gurpreet and Simran request Tejo to save Fateh. Kushbeer firmly says that Tejo won’t help Fateh and he should pay for his mistakes. Kushbeer says that Fateh threw Tejo out of the academy and now they ask her to save Fateh. Dadaji asks Tejo what to do now. Jasmine blames Tejo for sending Fateh to Jail. Tejo says that Fateh went to the jail because of Jasmine. She didn’t check the accounts and clear the bills. Jasmine argues with Tejo. She says that Tejo could have helped her as she knows that she doesn’t know accounts. She likes to poke her nose in everything, then why she hasn’t helped her. Tejo says that she wanted to work in the academy then save Fateh by herself. She further says that she hasn’t sent Fateh to jail, so she won’t save him. She apologizes to Gurpreet and leaves. She leaves. Tejo cries recalling Fateh’s motivating words.

Gurpreet cries and says who will save Fateh as Tejo refused to help. Rupy requests Kushbeer to do something. Dadji asks the lawyer what the solution is. The lawyer says to return the investors money. Dadaji asks how much. The lawyer says one crore fifteen thousand shocking the family. Jasmine comes to Fateh and says that he spoiled everything, they can’t get Visa. Fateh says that she’s worried only about Visa. Jasmine denies and says that she’s worried for him, he can’t come out until they pay back investors one crore fifteen thousand. Fateh says that they will find a way. Dadaji asks Kushbeer to save Fateh. Kushbeer says that he’s an honest MLA, how he will arrange such a big amount. Kushbeer decides to mortgage the house to save Fateh. Tejo comes there and says that he won’t mortgage the house which is Virk’s pride. Jasmine asks Fateh why he always saves Tejo and asks whether he still loves her. Fateh says that he saved as she’s innocent and she worked for this academy. Tejo suggests convincing the investors. Kushbeer says that the investors won’t get convinced. Tejo asks to let her try and believes that Goddess will help her.

Jasmine wonders how to save Fateh. Jasmine notices police bringing a lady handcuffed and recognizes her as Jazz’s mother. Jasmine hides and sees her. A man comes and touches that lady’s feet. She gets shocked on seeing Jazz. Jazz assures his mom that he will do something to release her. She asks to find a lawyer soon. She says that she took all the blame on her for his sake and asks him bail her fast. He assures her to do something. Police takes Jazz’s mother from there. Jazz leaves. Jasmine comes out and says that now she understands how Jazz is still not jailed. She follows Jazz in an auto. Tejo talks to the investors over the phone. She informs Kushbeer that they agreed to talk. She says that she will prepare the presentation and hopes that they will get convinced. Kushbeer praises Tejo to Kushbeer. Jasmine sees Jazz going into a house. Jasmine wonders how to use Jazz for her own benefits.

The episode ends.

Preacp: Tejo talks with the investors. She then meets Fateh and gives him a file which containts the investors conditions. Fateh looks shocked reading it.

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