Udaariyaan 14th September 2021 Written Update: Tejo signs the divorce papers

Udaariyaan 14th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Fateh saying to Jasmine that he will sleep in the hall. He gets ready to leave. Jasmine stops Fateh and requests him to sleep in the same room. Fateh says that they should respect elders and they won’t like them sleeping in the same room. They’re not married. Jasmine says that they can get married. Fateh reminds her that she left the wedding mandap. Jasmine blames Fateh for marrying Tejo without waiting for her. She further says that Tejo already won his family members heart. It would be better if he left her to die. She asks him to get her the respect and rights that Tejo gets in that house.

Fateh sits in the hall. He gets disturbed recalling his family members words and Jasmine’s words. Gurpreet sees him. Fateh notices her. He asks her why she’s still awake. Gurpreet tries to avoid him. Fateh says at least she should not ignore him. Gurpreet says to Fateh that she didn’t expect he will do like this, maybe she didn’t give him good upbringing. She says that Tejo may not be right for him, but Jasmine will never be right for him. She accepted Tejo, but will never accept Jasmine. If he doesn’t mend his ways now, he will be left alone because of Jasmine.

Family gets happy that Biji is able to walk. Biji says that she recovered fast because of Tejo. Fateh sees this and recalls Jasmine’s words. Fateh asks Tejo what she wants to prove by staying here. Tejo says that she has come here for Biji. Fateh asks if she has come for Biji then why she is messing with Jasmine and showing that she has rights on him. Tejo says that it’s his misunderstanding. Fateh asks then why she challenged Jasmine. Tejo says that it’s between her and Jasmine. She says that she doesn’t want a person like him in her life. Fateh asks if she’s certain about her words. She says that she doesn’t have place for a liar and cheater in her life. No one would prefer to see the same nightmare again. She wants to forget the night she got that nightmare. She leaves. Fateh recalls Tejo’s words and leaves getting angry. Nimmo notices this.

Family gathers for puja. Jasmine comes. Nimmo taunts Jasmine. Jasmine asks Amrit where Fateh is. Amrit says that he went out. and leaves. Tejo instructs Jasmine what food to prepare for family members and says that she wanted rights and asks her to learn to take responsibility too. Tejo leaves. Buzzo tells to Simran about Fateh misunderstanding him and Tejo having an affair. They discuss over this and feels bad for Tejo. Fateh comes back home. He says to Tejo that she said that she doesn’t want him in her life, so let’s part their ways. He shows her divorce papers shocking everyone in the family. Jasmine smirks hearing this. Fateh asks Tejo to sign the divorce papers if she truly meant whatever she said. Kushbeer and Gurpreet scold Fateh for thinking about divorcing Tejo. Tejo stops them. She says that she can understand their feelings, many unexpected things can happen in life like being in affair in spite of being a married man. Tejo asks Biji’s opinion. Biji says that Tejo will always take the right decision. Tejo assures Kushbeer that she won’t do anything that will bring shame for him. Tejo says that she already threw Fateh from her heart and it doesn’t matter that he leaves from her life. She takes the divorce papers from Fateh’s hand. She signs it. Kismat plays in the BG. Tejo says that she has given him freedom by ending their relationship. But he will sooner or later realise what he lost to get this freedom. She puts the divorce papers on Fateh’s hand leave. Fateh is in disbelief.

The episode ends.

Precap: Jasmine says to Fateh that she will find what’s Tejo’s plan behind signing the divorce papers. Dadaji says to Gurpreet that they should let this divorce happen. Jasmine refuses to leave Fateh. Rupy slaps Jasmine.

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