Udaariyaan 15th October 2021 Written Update: Tejo convinces the investors and saves Fateh

Udaariyaan 15th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Fateh recalling Tejo’s words. Other hand Tejo is preparing presentation to convince the investors. Jasmine comes to Tejo and taunts Tejo saying that she’s still awake playing games. Tejo says that she’s preparing presentation to convince the investors to withdraw their complaint. Jasmine reminds Tejo that they gave complaint against her. She asks if she will pleads with the investors saying that she’s Fateh’s wife and get their sympathy. Tejo says that Fateh is still her husband and asks Jasmine to go and sleep without disturbing her. Jasmine says that Tejo doing this so that she can take the credit of releasing Fateh from the jail and shows that Jasmine can’t do anything. Tejo makes Jasmine leave the room and closes the door on her face. Jasmine gets angry and thinks of teaching a lesson to Tejo.

Biji prays to Goddess to save Fateh. Tejo comes to the hall. Candy wishes her luck. Tejo informs Kushbeer that she’s going to convince the investors. Gurpreet says that she won’t put bhog until Fateh returns, it’s a mother’s stubborness. Tejo takes Kushbeer’s blessings. Jasmine thinks that she can’t even curse Tejo as she wants Fateh out of the jail.

Tejo does the presentation to the investors. The investors likes Tejo’s plan but doubts how if Fateh can fulfill his promise as per the plan presented by Tejo. Tejo assures them that Fateh can, but they refuse to trust Fateh again. Jasmine says to the family that she’s going to meet Fateh. Simran and Mayi say that they will come with her to meet Fateh. Tejo comes to meet Fateh. Fateh asks Tejo what she’s doing here, where the lawyer is. She shouldn’t have come here, he doesn’t want her to get hurt more. Tejo says that she has come for his parents. She shows a file to Fateh and says that he will be released if he signi it. Fateh reads it and looks at Tejo. Tejo says that this is the investors’ conditions not hers.

Jasmine, Simran and Mayi come to the police station and sees Tejo released Fateh from Jail convincing the investors. Jasmine hugs Fateh. A group of people arrive there protesting against Fateh, They call Fateh cheater. They say that he cheated his wife and the students. They tear Fateh’s photo. A kid says that he considered him their idol, but he’s a cheater and he does like him. Jasmine gets scared that they will blacken her face again and tries to walk away, but Simran stops her saying that she is responsible for everything. The people question Fateh about cheating his wife. Tejo leaves from there crying. The people throw tomatoes on Fateh. Jasmine thinks that this is the right time to show to Fateh that he can do anything for Fateh. Jasmine goes and stands in front of Fateh and asks to attack her and Fateh is innocent. People throws tomatoes on Jasmine. Fateh hugs Jasmine to protect her. Fateh stops the people and apologizes to them. They leave. Fateh apologizes to the kid too, but she leaves getting angry on Fateh.

Fateh, Tejo and everyone come back home. Biji thanks Goddess for saving Fateh. Fateh says that Tejo saved him. Biji praises Tejo which upsets Jasmine. Fateh says that he will take shower. Gurpreet asks what happened to his shirt. Fateh says nothing and leaves. Kushbeer asks Tejo how she convinced the investors. Tejo gives the file. Kushbeer asks if she knows what it’s. Tejo nods yes and says that there’s still three months, she will manage. Jasmine wonders what Tejo did. Tejo serves bhog.Jasmine leaves getting upset. Biji asks Fateh to clean the machine and thanks Goddess on the occasion of Dusherra.

Jasmine says to Fateh that they can begin the puja. Fateh says that they have to wait for Tejo and reveals that she’s the owner of the academy shocking Jasmine. A FB shows of the investors demanding Tejo to handle the academy to withdraw their complaint. Jasmine asks Fateh how he can agree to this. Fateh says that he doesn’t have any option, he can’t stay in the jail. Jasmine argues Tejo. Tejo says that she did this for Fateh’s parents, she should tell Fateh that she instigated the investors against Tejo. She wanted to throw her out of the academy, but she has return as their boss.

The episode ends.

Precap; Tejo says Fateh to take care that his wife Mrs Fateh Singh Virk doesn’t create any new problem. Jasmine sneaks into Jazz’s house. Jazz holds Jasmine and places knife on her neck.

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