Udaariyaan 15th September 2021 Written Update: Fateh gets annoyed with Jasmine’s behavior

Udaariyaan 15th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jasmine hugging Fateh. She thanks Fateh and expresses her joy. She says that she has to see Tejo’s plan behind the divorce. Fateh is still in shock. He leaves from there. He goes to his washroom and recalls his moment with Tejo and then words. Title track plays in the BG. Fateh washes his face with water. Tejo is sad. Jasmine smiles looking at the divorce papers.

Gurpreet cries lamenting. Nimmo comes to Gurpreet and tells her to be strong. Jasmine talks to sweety in phone call and shares with her that Fateh is going to divorce Tejo. Dadaji asks his family why no one stopped Tejo from signing the divorce papers. Biji says that Tejo asked her permission before signing the divorce papers. She asks how she can stop Tejo when Fateh doesn’t want to be with Tejo. Jasmine tells Fateh that she’s going for shopping. Fateh asks she wants go shopping after what happened.

Jasmine says what else she can do, everyone in the family upset with her family and he only loves her, but he can’t be with her always, so she’s going shopping and he won’t stop her. She leaves. Kushbeer worries how Tejo will face people’s taunts after getting divorce. Biji says that she won’t let this divorce happen. Nimmo reminds Biji that Tejo signed the divorce papers. Kushbeer says that only the papers got signed, but case the case isn’t filed in the court yet. He says that they have to make realise Fateh that Jasmine isn’t right for Fateh and this house.

Jasmine is waiting for sweety in the market. Satti and Rupy come there. Jasmine realise that her parents called here through sweety. She refuses to talk to them. Rupy says that she has to talk. Satti asks why she’s spoiling Tejo’s life. Rupy says Jasmine to leave Fateh. Jasmine says that Fateh is hers. Rupy says that Fateh is Tejo’s and why she wants to snatch hik from Tejo. Jasmine says that Tejo snatched Fateh from her. Why she married Fateh. Rupy says that they convinced Tejo. Jasmine says that this is the consequence of forced marriage. Fateh never loved Tejo, he only loves her. He is always hers and she can’t leave him for Tejo’s sake. She says that if they don’t take Tejo from Virk’s house, she will throw Tejo out. Satti reminds Jasmine that Tejo is her sister. Rupy says Jasmine to fear God. Jasmine says that they told that she’s dead for them, from now on they are also dead for her. Jasmine moves away. Rupy holds Jasmine’s hand and slaps her. Jasmine angrily walks away.

Jasmine comes to Tejo’s room with a suitcase and puts Fateh’s clothes in that suitcase. Tejo asks if she’s making arrangements to leave for Canada. Jasmine says that she’s making arrangements so that Fateh doesn’t see her face. Fateh left the forced relationship in which she kept him and soon he will leave this house and India with her. Tejo says that she freed him from this relationship. She isn’t their puppet to make her dance according to their wish. Till now she did everything for them out of love, but now they can’t control her. She signed the divorce papers by her own wish since she wanted it. Jasmine says that it’s good, she can’t claim something that’s not hers. Tejo says that she wishes that Jasmine could have understood this so that they don’t need to see all this.

Family is sitting and having a talk. Tejo brings sandwich and asks Biji to have it. Fateh and Jasmine come there. Jasmine asks Fateh to tell Gurpreet that they will have food outside and they will return home late. Fateh says that he already told to her. Tejo gets Simaran’s call and goes apart to receive it. Satinder comes home and meets Fateh and Jasmine and invite them for his wedding. Tejo comes back and looks on. Jasmine assures that they will come. Fateh says that he goes out with Jasmine. Jasmine asks Satinder to join them. Satinder decides to call Nikki.

Biji asks why Satinder called Jasmine bhabi. Tejo says that Fateh introduced Jasmine as his wife and she saw then together in Satinder party. Jasmine Fateh have dinner with Satinder and Nikki. Jasmine talks about Canada. Mayi says sorry to Tejo feeling bad for her. Tejo says that she feels bad that she can’t give happiness to the Family. She seeks Mahi’s help to cheer Biji up.

Teji and Mahi enacts and dance. Jasmine tries to feed Fateh ice cream. He says her that everyone is watching them. Jasmine leaves getting angry. Fateh gives an excuse and leaves. He goes to Jasmine and tells to not get upset over small things. Jasmine says that he’s reacting over small things. She asks what happened, if she’s missing Tejo. Fateh says that he has to miss Tejo since she never made joke of him like she did. Jasmine says that Fateh is regretting the divorce. Fateh gets angry and asks what he can do to prove he loves her. Jasmine says that she wants to go home.

Jasmine and Fateh come back home. They see Tejo dancing with the family. They drag Fateh to dance too. Fateh goes close to Tejo and Jasmine looks on.

The episode ends.

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