Udaariyaan 16th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine tells the Virks about Tejo

Udaariyaan 16th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Fateh saying to Sandhus to keep Tejo away from fire and to not use the word sister in front of her as she hates it. Tejo wakes up and looks scared on seeing all. She runs to Fateh and hides behind him. Jasmine comes and stands shocked on seeing Tejo. Fateh says to Tejo to not get sacred, they’re her family. Satti says that she is her mother. Tejo says that Amma is her mother then who she’s.

Fateh says that she’s her mummy and introduces all to her. He says that they’re her family. Jasmine gets determined to get rid off Tejo. She recalls her insults done by Tejo. Fateh goes to get Tejo’s bag. Jasmine  walks towards Tejo with a knife. Jasmine says to Tejo that no one can save her this time. She stabs Tejo shocking all. Tejo faints. Fateh rushes to Tejo. This is turned out to Jasmine’s dream. Jasmine says that it’s time to start acting again.

Jasmine goes to Tejo and pretends to get surprised on seeing Tejo alive. She is about to hug Tejo. The latter stops her and asks her to stay from her. She asks who she’s. Jasmine is about to say that she’s her sister. But Fateh intervenes and says that she’s her best friend. Jasmine also says that she’s her best friend and used to play in their childhood.

Tejo says that she doesn’t know all of them. She says to Fateh to let go from here and get married. Jasmine is about to say that Fateh and her marriage got fixed, but Rupy stops Jasmine. Tejo hugs Fateh crying when he gets ready to leave. He agrees to stay back and takes Tejo to her room.

Fateh shows Tejo her room and her belonging. Tejo’s books fall down. Tejo sees a dried Rose in one book. Fateh says that he gave her that flower. Tejo sees a photo of herself and Jasmine and asks why Jasmine is with her in the photo. Fateh says that because she’s her best friend. Tejo asks why his photo isn’t in this room. Fateh says that his photos are in his room. She asks where his room. Fateh says that his room is in his house and this is her house.

 Tejo says that she wants to stay with Fateh in his house. Fateh says that she can’t stay in his house as they’re not married yet. Tejo says to let get married now. Fateh says that they can’t as they need make arrangements. Tejo agrees and hugs Fateh. Jasmine hears this and gets determined to not let Tejo and Fateh’s marriage happen.

At the Virks Nimmo taunts Jasmine. Gurpreet scolds Nimmo defending Jasmine. The latter sees this and smiles. Virks notices Jasmine. Gurpreet asks Jasmine where she went in the middle of the engagement. Jasmine apologizes to them for leaving the engagement in the middle. She says that they had to leave as Fateh had to bring the real Tejo home. Gurpreet asks what she means by real Tejo.

Jasmine apologizes to them and says that the Tejo who was with them, is Tejo’s lookalike Tanya. They brought her with them from London. Virks look on shocked. Other side Fateh gives Tejo the dress he bought for her. He says her to wear it. Tejo asks for chand baliyan. Fateh gets happy that Tejo remembers the chand baliyan. Fateh is happy with the fact that Tejo is with her. Virks cry on learning that Tejo was in the ashram all theses days.

Fateh says to the Sandhus that they have to bring back Tejo’s memory. Satti says that she doesn’t think it’s possible. Fateh says that he will bring her memory back. He knows families and relations values now because of Tejo and he will give back everything. Jasmine says that she won’t let Tejo ruin her happiness this time.

The episode ends.

Precap: Tejo expresses her excitement to marry Fateh. Tejo gets shocked on seeing Fateh and Jasmine’s wedding card. Tejo and Jasmine say Fateh is mine pulling the wedding card. Jasmine calls Tejo insane. Fateh warns Jasmine for the same. He takes Tejo with him.

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