Udaariyaan 16th November 2022 Written Update: Naaz publishes Jayveer’s article

Udaariyaan 17th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Ekam asking Nehmat why she seemed disturbed. Nehmat recalls Advait’s words and lies to Ekam. Ekam reassures Nehmat and hugs her. Nehmat thinks that she can never let anything happen to him. On the other hand, on Nehmat’s laptop, Naaz schedules the automatic publishing of Jayveer’s article on the Top angle media website for the next day. Naaz says that she will snatch everything from Nehmat and make her world upside down.


Shamsher phones Jasmine. Jasmine praises Shamsher for the decoration arrangements of the functions. She asks why he is silent. Shamsher says that Jayveer spotted the goon, Vineet, and learned everything. He says that he was even ready to get his son married to Jayveer’s daughter to save him and her, but now it seems everything is ruined. Jasmine says that no one else should know about what Jayveer learned. She says that he has already killed five people, so he can kill one more person. She adds that a storm will come if he doesn’t do it. She orders him to end Jayveer’s chapter forever so that Ekam or Nehmat can’t do anything.

The next morning, Mallika wakes Ekam up and asks him to read Nehmat’s article. Ekam gets shocked after reading the article about Jayveer and him on the phone. Mallika says that Nehmat wrote badly about Jayveer and Ekam and asks if he was aware of this article. At Rupy’s house, Nehmat receives her boss’s call. Her boss shouts at Nehmat for publishing the article despite Nanak prohibiting the articles publishing. Nehmat immediately checks her laptop and is shocked to find Jayveer’s article on the website.

Mallika asks Ekam if Nehmat was working on this article and was disturbed. She asks if he has any idea about it. She asks how Nehmat can do this, especially just three days before her wedding. Ekam asks where dad is. Just then, Renuka comes there and says that Jayveer hasn’t returned home yet. She adds that last night, he messaged that he was with his friends to celebrate. Ekam tries to contact Jayveer. Meanwhile, Vineet says to Shamsher that he messaged from Jayveer’s phone to his wife as he asked. Shamsher asks Vineet to abscond for two months. Here, Ekam, Renuka and Mallika go to find Jayveer as he isn’t answering the call. There, Nehmat worries about what Ekam and Jayveer will think after reading the article.

Ekam notices Jayveer’s car. Ekam, Mallika and Renuka rush to the car. They check inside the car and are shocked to find Jayveer dead. They see Jayveer has a bullet mark on his temple and a gun in his hand. Ekam says that it can’t be true. He asks his dad to wake up. Mallika and Renuka burst into tears. Ekam hugs his mom. Ekam notices a letter in his hand and next to him a tab which is opened on the article page. Ekam reads the letter. In the letter it’s written that Jayveer didn’t want to face the world after reading the article which defamed him, so he is committing suicide. Ekam asks why.

At Rupy’s house, Shelly and her husband bring bangles for Naaz for her bangles’ ritual. Naaz asks where Nehmat is. Satti says that she must be busy with some work. Naaz smirks, thinking that the article must have been published by now. Just then, Nehmat comes downstairs and hurriedly leaves the house. Naaz thinks that the work is done. Rupy worries about Nehmat. Nehmat is on the way to Ekam’s house and tries to contact him to explain to him.

Here, Naaz shows the article about Jayveer to the whole family and says that maybe Nehmat was working on this article. Rupy refuses to believe that Nehmat published this article. He says that someone else would have published it mistakenly. Naaz says that Nehmat’s name is in the article. Shelly says that because Nehmat would have prepared the report for this article. Shelly taunts Nehmat about defaming her boyfriend and her family. Lovely says that Kapoors will refuse to accept Mallika as their daughter-in-law after reading this article. Naaz smirks.

Advait says to Shamsher that Jayveer is dead. He says that the man whom he asked to keep an eye on Jayveer told him that Jayveer’s body was found in his car with a suicide note. Shamsher says that Advait should be with Mallika now as she is in sorrow. Advait asks if Shamsher isn’t responsible for Jayveer’s death. Shamsher admits that he killed Jayveer. He says that it was an order to kill Jayveer and, moreover, Jayveer had a lot of evidence against him. Advait is shocked and says that he did another murder. Shamsher shows Jayveer’s article and says that Nehmat published this article at the right time. He says that Jayveer died after reading this article. Advait wonders why Nehmat published this article when she wanted to postpone it.

Nehmat is on the way and tries to call Mallika and Ekam, but no one receives the call. She wonders who posted the article and what Ekam and Jayveer would think about her. At Randawa’s house, Ekam, Mallika and Renuka are crying, sitting near Jayveer’s body. Nehmat reaches there and is confused about finding the media in front of Ekam’s house. Nehmat goes inside and stands shocked to see Jayveer’s dead body lying in the middle of the hall and the family crying.

The episode ends

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