Udaariyaan 16th October 2021 Written Update: Jasmine joins hands with Jass to take revenge on Tejo

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The episode starts with Jasmine saying to Fateh that she can’t do puja with Tejo and leaves getting angry. Virk family decides to go to Dussehera celebration evening with Candy as it’s first Dussehera with them. Jasmine comes back and hears family laughing. Kushbeer says that they will go once Tejo and Fateh come back from the academy. Gurpreet asks why Tejo went to the academy. Kushbeer says that Tejo is the new boss of the academy that was the investors condition. In the academy Fateh thanks Tejo for being there after what all happened.

Biji says that what if Tejo is Fateh’s boss, they still sit in the puja as couple, she’s happy with that. Nimmo says that Fateh and Tejo are couple as they took seven vows around the holy fire, but Jasmine saying herself Mrs Fateh Singh Virk, actually because Jasmine, Fateh went to jail. Biji says that Nimmo was right and they all laugh which upsets Jasmine. Fateh says that the academy can’t run without Tejo. Tejo says that she’s not here to support him or to run the academy, but she’s here for the investors’ conditions. Fateh family was in pain seeing him in jail and she felt bad for his family. She doesn’t care about how he and his new partner run the academy, she cares only about the project because of which he got released from the jail and she should make sure that his wife doesn’t create any new problem.

Jasmine recalls Tejo and Nimmo’s words and then spotting Jass. She says that she got the idea to break Fateh and Tejo’s relationship. Fateh says to Tejo that the academy can’t run without her help. Tejo says that she got hurt everytime she helped him. Fateh admits that he hurt her, but says that she apologized to Tejo for that. Tejo says that his sorry can’t fix anything. Fateh says that certain things aren’t in human’s hand, but in destiny’s hand. Tejo says that it’s useless to talk to him about this. Fateh asks if Tejo will help him to run the academy as Jasmine doesn’t know anything about academy works.

Jasmine enters into Jass’ house. Fateh requests Tejo to help him. Tejo asks Fateh to stop using her whenever he needs her and then throws her later. She says that she was wrong to be nice with him, so he took advantage of her. He needed her when he got heartbroken and now for his academy. When he needs her, he apologizes to her and asks to help her. She says that the truth is he never needed her. He doesn’t know about what all a woman’s can sacrifice, she can fight even to God for her loved ones, but when it comes to her self-esteem, she won’t stay for anyone. She says that their ways are different and leaves.

Jass catches Jasmine and puts knife around her neck. He threatens to kill Jasmine and asks why she has come here. Jasmine begs him to remove the knife and says that she has come to talk about his benefit. Jass says that he didn’t forget how she comes in disguise him to get him caught. Jasmine says that she did it as it was Fateh and Tejo’s plan, she can’t do anything. Jass says that Tejo is her sister then why she has come here. She says that she hates Tejo to ruin her life and she wants to take revenge on Tejo and asks if he doesn’t want to take revenge on her for sending his mother to the jail. Jass releases Jasmine. She asks if she doesn’t want to take revenge on Tejo. Jass says that nothing is left to him to take revenge. Jasmine gives her bangle to Jass and says that she will give him more once they will take revenge on Tejo.

Virk family is watching Ram Leela. Candy asks what Ram Leela is. Kushbeer and Fateh explain Candy about Ram Leela. Jasmine wonders where Jass is. Candy is having an arrow in hand. Jasmine scolds Candy saying that anyone can get hurt. Fateh asks Jasmine to be quite. The effigy of Ravana is put on fire. All claps hands. Jass is shown playing dhol. Candy shouts that Ravana is dead. Jasmine says that Tejo’s Ravan is still alive and smirks.

The episode ends.

Precap: Jass catches Tejo. Tejo gets shocked on seeing Jass. She sees Fateh and is about to shout, but Jass closes her mouth and takes her apart. Jass takes out a knife and hurts Tejo.

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