Udaariyaan 16th September 2021 Written Update: Jasmine’s plan to get Tejo out of Fateh’s room

Udaariyaan Written 16th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jasmine saying that Tejo first snatched the room from her and now she’s trying to snatch Fateh. She won’t let this to happen, she has do to something to make her leave the house. Tejo comes to the room and sense some bad odour. She sprays air freshener. As it doesn’t help, she goes outside. Tejo wonders where she will sleep. Jasmine smirks seeing this and thinks that she made her leave the room today, soon she will make her leave the house. Jasmine calls out Tejo and asks why she’s wandering in the night. Tejo says nothing and asks from when she strates to worry about her. Jasmine says that she was her wandering, so asked. She asks what happened. Tejo says something is wrong in the room. Jasmine asks if she’s talking about the room from which she got her out. Jasmine says that she’s not that bad and says she cn sleep in her room if she wants. She asks why she looks stunned. Tejo says it’s surprising when poison suddenly turns sweet. Jasmine says Tejo to do whatever she wants else Tejo will blame her for this too and leaves. Jasmine goes to her room and gets happy that her plan worked. She says that she will make Fateh hers soon.

Tejo thinks that she has to wake up early in the morning for puja and goes to sleep on the couch opposite to the couch on which Fateh is sleeping. Tejo looks at Fateh and recalls his words. Jasmine goes to check where Tejo os sleeping and gets angry on seeing Tejo sleeping opposite to Fateh. She thinks of making Tejo leave the room soon and leaves from there. Fateh wakes up and finds Tejo sleeping on the couch. He wonders what she’s doing here. He checks if she has fever and covers her with the quilt. Tejo holds his hand in sleep. Fateh sits near her and slowly releases his hand. Fateh goes to the couch and lays on it.

The morning Gurpreet, Kushbeer and Dadani find Tejo sleeping in the couch. Gurpreet wakes her up. Dadaji asks Tejo why she didn’t sleep in her room last night. Tejo says that bad smell was coming from her room. Gurpreet asks why Tejo didn’t wake her up. Tejo says that she didn’t want to disturb her. They go to the room and closes the nose sensing the bad smell. They wonder what this smell is and decide to call people to clean. Jasmine sees this and thinks they can never find what the smell is. Jasmine recalls how she got a box in the late night and places it in Tejo’s room.

Tejo helps Biji to walk. Biji asks Tejo to get ready for Ganapati Visarjan. Mayi and Nimmo come and greet Biji. Biji ask them to clean the temple. Jasmine complains that she doesn’t have any nice dress for Ganapati Visarjan and demands Fateh to get her a nice dress. Fateh says that he will come in while and goes. The cleaner says to Kushbeer that they checked the whole rooma and thry didn’t find anything. Thry ask to call plumber to check drainage pipe. Fateh comes to the room and closes his nose sensing the bad smell. Fateh gets Jasmine and asks if she remembers this. Jasmine says that she can’t forget this dress, but Tejo wore this dress. Fateh recalls throwing milk over Tejo when she wore it. Fateh says that it doesn’t matter and he doesn’t remember it. He only remember that he bought it for her. Jasmine hugs Fateh thanking him. He tells her to get ready. Amrit comes there and says that Fateh is spending time with his girlfriend when there’s big puja at home. Fateh says him to mind his business. Kushbeer arrives and taumts Fateh. He says to check Tejo’s room as bad smell is coming.

Gurpreet praises Tejo for the Rangoli she made and asks why she didn’t get ready yet. Tejo says that plumber is in the bathroom nad she will get ready when he will come out. Gurpreet nods ok. Tejo family arrives there. Tejo meets them and hug them. Tejo dadi says that they thought to participate in Ganapati Vit and also meet them. Rupy says that Jasmine is also staying here and they’re worried about it. Jasmine hears this. Fateh and Amrit arrive and greet Tejo family. The plumber says that they have checked and couldn’t find from where the smell is coming. They leave. Dadaji says that the smell may come inside the wall and they have to break the wall. Jasmine smriks thinking they can whatever they want, bit they can’t find from the smell is coming. Tejo thinks that this never happened before and suspects Jasmine. Amrit says that it will take long time to break and make the wall again. Mayi worries where Tejo will sleep till that. She asks Tejo to sleep in her room. Tejo says that she will return to her parents house after Ganapati Visarjan. Biji says Tejo to promise to return once the room will get ready. Tejo promises Biji. Jasmine gets happy that her plan is successful Tejo out Jasmine in. Tejo notices Jasmine smiling.

Jasmine calls out Tejo. Tejo recalls Fateh throwing milk over her for wearing the saree Fateh bought for Jasmine. Jasmine says that this saree is Fateh’s gift and he said that she will look more beautiful in this saree. Jasmine asks Tejo to get ready too then says sorry that she can’t go to her room as it has bad odour and therefore she’s returning to their parents house. Tejo says that she started to understand Jasmine. She knows that the bad odour in her room is someone’s plan. Jasmine acts as innocent and says that she doesn’t understand anything. Tejo says that she doesn’t want to mess up with her on the occasion of festival and warns Jasmine that she won’t spare her if she finds out that Jasmine is behind this.

The episode ends.

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