Udaariyaan 17th January 2023 Written Update: Shamsher gets furious on Advait

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The episode starts with Nehmat telling Shamsher that she’s missing her family, so she wants to go home for a while. Rama reminds Nehmat about the Lohri party and asks what they will answer their guest who will ask about her. Neeru says that Nehmat wants to take revenge on them by insulting them. Shamsher shuts Neeru. Shamsher reminds Nehmat of his words and warns her not to do anything which can give opportunity to people to criticize her. He says that she’s doing the same mistake again. Nehmat says that she’s leaving this time by informing them and adds that she has a reason to leave. Shamsher asks what the reason is. Nehmat says to Shamsher to ask Advait about it. Neeru intervenes and says that she caught Nehmat and Ekam red-handed that day morning. She says that Ekam was holding Nehmat’s hand and they were standing too close. Nehmat asks her to stop. Neeru says that Advait must have questioned Nehmat about it so she got upset and threatens to leave the house. She asks Nehmat to leave the house, but warns her not frame Advait. She calls Nehmat a cheap and shameful girl. Ekam shouts enough.

Ekam asks Neeru to ask Advait what he was doing in the house when they all were out. Shamsher asks Ekam what he wants to say. Neeru intervenes and scolds Ekam for defending Nehmat standing in their house. Shamsher shuts Neeru up and asks Ekam what the matter is. Ekam is about ti to say, but Nehmat stops him. Nehmat stands in front of Ekam. She reminds to Ekam that she told that this is her family and she can’t tolerate if an outsider intervenes in her family matter. Ekam asks if she can tolerate what she saw today. He says that that day morning also, he wanted to talk to her about it. He further says that the family should also know about it when she learned it. Nehmat asks Ekam to leave. Ekam refuses to leave without telling the matter to everyone. Advait intervenes and asks Ekam to behave like his bodyguard. He threatens Ekam. Ekam asks Advait to do what he wants and is determined to tell the truth to everyone. Advait warns him that he is doing a mistake. Ekam says that he should have told about it to Nehmat earlier.

Nehmat requests Ekam to leave as it’s her family matter. Shamsher shouts enough. He asks Ekam to tell directly what the matter is. Ekam reveals that Nehmat whom they call a cheap girl, spot Advait with another girl in their bedroom. Shamsher gets furious and holds Ekam’s coat collar. Advait says that Ekam is lying. Shamsher warns not to spare him if he is lying. Ekam reminds Shamsher that he awarded him for his honesty and courage. He says that he also knew that he isn’t lying. Ekam asks Shamsher to view the CCTV footage if he doesn’t believe him. Advait gets nervous and says to Shamsher that Ekam is talking rubbish. Shamsher gets furious and slaps Advait, shocking everyone. Shamsher lashes out Advait for having an affair with a girl despite being married to Nehmat. He says that he is ashamed to call Advait his son. Nehmat walks out of the house, taking her suitcase. Ekam is about to leave after Nehmat Advait stops Ekam by holding his hand. Advait says to Ekam that he will never forget what happened that day and vows to take revenge on him for that one day. Ekam removes Advait’s hand and goes to find Nehmat.

Nehmat recalls Rupy and Advait’s words. She sits in an autoricshaw and leaves. Harleen arrives at the Kapoor’s house to make sure that Ekam stay away from Nehmat so that he can grow closer to her. She decides to do without showing herself in front of Advait. Ekam comes out of Kapoor’s house and hopes that Nehmat is find. He drives off. Harleen follows him. Nehmat is on the way. She prays to God to show her what to further.

Nehmat reaches Sandhus house. Ekam stops car somewhere. He says that he knows Nehmat must be hurt, but she’s strong enough to overcome it. He says that it’s good Nehmat learned the truth and hopes that he will take a right decision. Nehmat decides not to tell Ruoy about what happened in Kapoor’s house. Rupy, Satti and family are elated to see Nehmat. Nehmat says that she has come here to stay for awhile and adds that Naaz will handle everything in Kapoor’s house. She says that she wanted to help them in their Lohri preparations. Rupy says to Nehmat that this is her house and can come here whenever sge wants. Nehmat hugs Rupy and cries. Rupy understands that Nehmat is hiding something so she has come home during festival time.

Shamsher meets Advait’s GF and his mom. He offers them money. He threatens them and asks to leave Mogha before Lohri. At the Sandhus’ house, Nehmat fakes her happiness and with her family. Elsewhere, Ekam is with Sadvik in a party. Harleen is also there and signs Sadvik. Ekam is lost in his thought. Ekam excuses himself in front of Sadvik. He goes apart and phones Nehmat to know if she’s fine and if she told her family about Advait’s truth. Nehmat scolds Ekam for interfering again and again in her life and asks him if he thinks that he can reach her easily as she’s free now. She asks him not to call her again. She disconnects the call. Ekam thinks that he will make everything fine now as she returned. Harleen watches Ekam and thinks that she will separate even Nehmat’s memories from Ekam.

The episode ends.

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