Udaariyaan 17th June 2021 Written Update: Fateh asks Tejo not to come in between him and Jasmine

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The episode starts with Fateh reads Jasmine’s message then gets angry and goes inside the house. Tejo comes and sees Jasmine’s message and wonders even if Jasmine is going somewhere why she is informing this to Fateh. Fateh comes there with a plate and tries to eat but thinks about his and Jasmine’s time together then gets sad and leaves the place. Tejo thinks Fateh must be going to meet Jasmine and gets sad. Preeto asks Jasmine is she really think Fateh will come to meet her. Jasmine tells Preeto that Fateh will definitely comes to meet her. Mahi calls Tejo. Tejo asks Mahi about their visit also about family members. Mahi tells Tejo that everything is good here. Gurpreet signs Mahi. Mahi asks Tejo where is Fateh and why he is not answering the calls.

Tejo tells Mahi that Fateh went somewhere outside. Gurpreet asks Tejo that means she dont know where Fateh went right then asks her is she is taking proper care of Fateh or not. Gurpreet then asks Tejo to inform Fateh to answer their calls then disconnects the line. Tejo says that she should have told Gurpreet that Fateh goes to meet Jasmine and then says that she has to hear all this because of Fateh’s foolishness. Preeto tells Jasmine that she dont think Fateh will comes to meet her. Tejo puts the dresses on laundry then looks at the time and thinks is Fateh is with Jasmine and goes outside to search for Fateh. Jasmine looks at her watch and waits for Fateh. Preeto asks Jasmine even if Fateh comes to meet her what she is going to do. Jasmine tells Preeto nothing and asks her what will Fateh do will he stop her by begging her to not to go or talk to her parents and laughs.

Tejo gets relieved seeing Fateh is doing excersise in Terrace. Fateh thinks about Jasmine’s words while doing his workouts. Tejo goes to Terrace. Preeto tells Jasmine to listen to Rupi’s words and goes to her uncles house. Jasmine tells Preeto that Fateh will comes to meet her for sure. Jasmine then sees a jeep is approaching her then gets excited thinking its Fateh but gets upset when it was someone else. Preeto asks Jasmine to go to her house saying its too late. Jasmine lashes out at Preeto then leaves the place. Fateh and Tejo hears the doorbell. Fateh thinks it must be Jasmine so he runs fast to open the door. Tejo gets upset. Jasmine in her room says before even her one missed call Fateh used to come to meet her but now even after seeing her message he decides not to come to see her and thinks what must be the reason behind Fateh’s this behavior. Jasmine thinks may be Tejo must be the reason. Fateh sees a salesman in their doorstep and then gets sad.

Tejo tells Fateh that she knows very well that he thought its Jasmine who rang the doorbell. Fateh asks Tejo how did she know. Tejo says to Fateh that she read Jasmine’s message. Fateh gets angry and asks Tejo how could she read his personal messages and asks her how she knows his password. Tejo tells Fateh that his mobile was unlock and she read the message.

Fateh asks Tejo that she is a lecturer and she knows about privacy right. Tejo says to Fateh that she is not a robot. Jasmine tells that she tolerated when Fateh broke her heart and dreams but this time he tries to break her pride so now she will show Fateh what she is capable of. Fateh asks Tejo to not to come Inbetween his and Jasmine. Tejo gets hurt and tells Fateh that she came Inbetween them Eventhough she dont want to. Fateh apologises to Tejo for hurting her then says to her that she wont understand what he is going through because she never loved someone. Tejo tells Fateh that his intentions may not be hurt her but everytime he is hurting her by saying that she doesn’t loved anyone. Tejo then says to Fateh if Love will change a person like this then she will pray god to never let her fall in love with anyone then leaves the place.

Satti looks at the wedding pictures then gives it to Lovely. Lovely asks Abhiraj to put it in the cupboard. Satti gets sad. Fateh searches for Tejo and finds her in store room where Tejo cleans the things. Tejo then takes Fateh’s first championship belt. Fateh gets happy seeing the belt then tells Tejo how Khushbeer was proud of him that time Eventhough he was a kid and Khushbeer told everyone that he will win Olympic. Tejo also smiles. Fateh then sees Babu Ji’s cap then shares that story with Tejo. Tejo and Fateh laughs. Then they both decides to look what else they can find. Tejo asks Fateh about Mahi’s doll house. Fateh tells Tejo that Amrik broke that. Tejo then asks Fateh how about they can remodel it. Fateh tells its not easy but Tejo insists so Fateh agrees. Fateh and Tejo puts the pieces together and while painting the doll house Tejo accidentally puts paint on her face so Fateh wipes Tejo’s face.

They both smiles at each other. Jasmine tells Satti that she decides to go to her uncle’s house. Satti tells finally Jasmine becomes sensible. Rupi also tells them same. Jasmine then says now she is going to concentrate on her dream which is to go to Canada. Jasmine then asks Rupi to find her a groom saying that she wants fulfill her dreams by going to Canada. Everyone gets shocked hearing Jasmine’s words.

The episode ends.

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