Udaariyaan 17th November 2022 Written Update: Ekam hates Nehmat

Udaariyaan 17th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Nehmat being shocked to see Jayveer’s dead body. She sits next to Ekam and holds his arm. Renuka glares at Nehmat. Ekam recalls Jayveer’s words against Nehmat and his suicide note. He removes Nehmat’s hands from his arm, which shocks Nehmat. On the other hand, Shamsher says to Advait that Nehmat’s article will be blamed. Advait says that the article also talks about Jayveer’s political connections. Shamsher says, but no one would know that the connection is them as they have killed Jayveer. He asks Advait to go to Mallika, who is going to be his daughter-in-law. Advait asks why he should marry Mallika now when there’s no proof left against them. Shamsher says that Mallika will be an assurance for the future if Jayveer’s political connection gets questioned. He also says that this marriage is important for their political career. He leaves. 

Ekam expresses his regrets for not listening to his dad and fought with him for Nehmat. He blames himself for whatever was written in the article and for his dad’s death. He apologizes to Renuka and says that he is the culprit of her and Mallika. He asks Renuka to hit him and punish him.  Advait arrives there. Renuka remembers Ekam fighting with Jayveer for Nehmat. Renuka slaps Ekam and blames Ekam for Jayveer’s death. She scolds him for trusting Nehmat and asks him to see its consequences. She says that Nehmat ruined their family and their happiness. She shouts that she hates Ekam and faints. Ekam stops Nehmat from touching Renuka. He says that he hates her, which shocks Nehmat. Ekam says that he doesn’t need her and her fake sympathy. Ekam folds his hands in front of Nehmat and asks her to leave him and his family alone. Nehmat is stunned to hear Ekam and cries hard. Nehmat begs Ekam to listen to her. Nehmat tries to touch Ekam. The latter pushes Nehmat down and asks her to get out. 

Nehmat goes and sits near Jayveer’s dead body. She cries, folding her hands. She says that she didn’t do anything. She could never think of harming him. She apologizes to him. She takes flowers in her palm to put on Jayveer’s body. Ekam stops Nehmat. He warns Nehmat not to touch his dad. He drags Nehmat out of the house, ignoring Nehmat, saying that she didn’t publish the article. He throws her out of the house and walks inside. The police officer closes the gate. Nehmat bursts into tears, sitting outside the house. Inside, Ekam breaks down in tears in front of his dad’s body. 

Nehmat returns home. She cries, recalling Ekam’s hateful words. Shelly and Lovely blame Nehmat for Jayveer’s death and lash out at her. Shelly says that because of Nehmat’s article, Mallika and Naaz’s wedding will be called off. Naaz is shocked to hear this and thinks that she didn’t think about it. Naaz acts innocently and scolds Nehmat for publishing the article. She says that Ekam will never forgive her for her act. Nehmat cries and her legs leave and she sits crying. As Shelly and Lovely are scolding Nehmat, Rupy shouts, asking them to stop. He helps Nehmat to get up and consoles her. Nehmat cries and says that she didn’t publish that article. She says that she hid this article from Ekamas because she didn’t want any problem in Mallika’s wedding. She wanted to tell Ekam about this after Mallika’s wedding and regrets her decision. Rupy says that he trusts Nehmat. The latter says that Ekam refuses to believe her and thinks that she published the article and killed Jayveer. Rupy says that Ekam got a big shock. He asks Nehmat to give Ekam time to overcome this and says that then Ekam will listen to Nehmat and will understand her. 

In Canada, Jasmine burns Tejo and Fateh’s photo. She says that her problems ended with Jayveer’s death as Jayveer could learn that she’s Jasmine Sandhu, which Shmasher can never know, so now she can go to India. She says that there will be only peace in her life as the only witness to her crime is dead. Here, Ekam performs Jayveer’s funeral rituals. Nehmat is crying, hugging Naaz. Naaz apologizes to Jayveer in her mind for becoming the victim of her hatred for Nehmat and Mallika. Ekam lights fire to Jayveer’s body. He hugs Renuka and Mallika crying. Everyone leaves except Ekam and Nehmat. Later, Nehmat tries to talk to Ekam and explain that she didn’t publish the article. Ekam doesn’t listen to Nehmat and drives off in his jeep. Nehmat runs behind his jeep and then stops feeling tired. 

The episode ends. 

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