Udaariyaan 18th October 2021 Written Update: Jass abducts Tejo

Udaariyaan 18th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Tejo taking Candy to get him ice cream. Jass sees this. All ladies say that they want ice cream. Fateh joins Tejo and Candy in the ice cream shop. Gurpreet says to Simran that Fateh, Tejo and Candy look like a family and wishes that it could be true. Simran agrees with her. Jasmine pretends to have a leg sprain and says to Fateh that she can’t stand. Fateh suggests going home. Nimmo taunts Jasmine. Tejo says that they all should return home as it’s time for Kushbeer’s medicine. Fateh lifts Jasmine in his arms. Tejo recalls Fateh taking her in his arms. They all leave. Jasmine intentionally makes Candy’s ice cream falls down. Candy gets adamant to get a new ice cream and Tejo goes to buy it. Fateh makes Jasmine sits in the car and waits for Tejo.

Jasmine says Fateh to stop worrying about Tejo as his family is there for that and moreover she won’t come with her. She thinks if Fateh doesn’t leave Tejo, how Jass can catch her. Kushbeer and other family members think that Tejo will come with Fateh and drive off. Jass comes to Tejo hidding his face behind cotton candy and says that it’s maybe her kid, he has fallen down. Tejo goes to check. Jass follows her. Tejo calls out Candy. Jass comes there and reveals his face saying not Candy, but Jass. Tejo gets shocked on seeing him and recalls her past. Tejo drops her phone in shock. Jass looks at her eating the cotton candy.

Fateh brings Jasmine home. Biji asks Fateh where Tejo is. Fateh and Jasmine say that she must have come with them. They deny it. Tejo says Jass. Jaas asks if she remembers him, this is called true love. Tejo asks what she he is doing here. Jass says that he hasn’t come to see Ram Leela. Tejo asks what he wants. He says that he wants revenge. Fateh calls Tejo and wonders why she isn’t answering it. Tejo tries to pick her phone up. Jass stops her and says to not get scared as he’s her husband Tejo asks to leave her hand. He says that he won’t leave this time and laughs.

Tejo threatens to shout and he will get arrested Jass asks her to shout, let see who will come to save her. Tejo shouts for help. Jass closes her mouth and kidnaps her. Someone answers Tejo’s call and says that he found it in the mela. Fateh tells the same to his family. Fateh and Amrit go to search Tejo, but Jasmine stops them saying that her phone must have fallen due to the crowd, they should wait, she may come in the cab. Fateh says that he doesn’t get good vibes and wants to go. Simran and Mayi go with them. Candy gets worried for Tejo. Kushbeer assures him that nothing can happen to Tejo.

Jass brings Tejo to an isolated place and asks why she trapped him. Tejo threatens that he will go back to the jail. Jass says that she hasn’t changed at all and that attracted him to her. Tejo says that he doesn’t she’s which family’s daughter-in-law. Jass says that she’s Virk family’s daughter-in-law and Fateh’s wife. Tejo threatens to complaint in the police. Hass says that police can’t arrest him as his mother took all the blame on herself. Jass throws Tejo on the ground. He asks who will save her, where’s Fateh, will he come to save her.

Fateh, Amrit, Mayi and Simran come to the mela. They go separately to look for Tejo. Simran shows Tejo’s photo to the ice cream vendor and he says that she has come here and was talking with a man. Simran leaves. Tejo pushes Jass and runs from there. Jass runs after Tejo. Tejo hides behind a curtain. Fateh goes by that side, but misses to see Tejo. Jass arrives there and Tejo hides herself on seeing him. Jass goes from there. Tejo spots Fateh and runs towards him, but Jass catches Fateh and closes her mouth before she can call Fateh. He drags her apart. Jass says that last time her gang trapped him, but this time it won’t happen.

Tejo pushes him and gets a stick and tries to hit him, but Jass holds the stick and pushes Tejo down. He hurts Tejo one her arm with the knife. Tejo cries in pain. Jass says that she’s his and her everything is his. She’s his wife and how can she can stay with someone else. He says that he will take her with him. Tejo pleads with him to leave her. She says that he gone mad. Jass admits that he is mad how she can wear mangalsutra on Fateh’s name when she’s his wife. How Fateh came between them. Fateh, Amrit, Simran and Mayi get worried that they could not find Tejo. Fateh says that he and Simran will go to the place where Tejo’s phone was found and asks Mayi and Amrit to search other side. Jass shows their marriage certificate and says that it’s still Valid, this Ravaan is his husband. Tejo cries.

The episode ends.

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