Udaariyaan 19th November 2022 Written Update:

Udaariyaan 19th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

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The episode starts with Shelly asking Naaz if she talked to Nikhil about the wedding. Naaz says that even Nikhil doesn’t know as Mallika and Advait wedding will get postponed. Shelly says that because of Nehmat, Mallika won’t become Naaz’s sister-in-law. On the other hand, Ekam tells his subordinate officer that he is on leave the next day because of the puja organized for his dad. Nehmat comes to the police. She says to Elam that she didn’t publish Jayveer’s article and begs him to speak to her. But Elam walks away. Nehmat goes after him, begging him to speak with her. Elam asks Nehmat not to create a scene in public. He says that he doesn’t even want to see her and drives off. Later, Rupy and Satti have a discussion about Nehmat as she isn’t eating and sleeping as Elam refuses to talk to her. They worry about Nehmat. Rupy decides to talk to Elam the next day after the special puja organized for Jayveer at Randawa’s mansion. Naaz hears this and gets angry that they don’t worry about her wedding not happening. 

The next day, Elam welcomes the guests for the puja. Nehmat recalls Ekam’s words and attends the puja standing outside the house. Renuka faints. Rama asks Renuka to handle herself so that she can get Mallika married. Shamsher says to Renuka that Mallika is their responsibility hereafter. Advait says that he is with Ekam and Advait. Mallika thanks Advait. Rama says to Renuka that they can postpone the wedding if they want. Renuka says that Ekam will decide about it. Ekam says that the wedding won’t get cancelled as his dad was elated about this wedding. He says that Mallika and Advait’s wedding will give happiness to Jayveer. Bua says that they can’t do the wedding immediately after a death. Ekam says that he talked to the priest and said that the wedding could happen. Naaz feels relieved that her wedding will also take place. 

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