Udaariyaan 19th October 2021 Written Update: Fateh and Tejo’s marriage is revealed to be illegal

Udaariyaan 19th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jass saying that he will give Tejo one day time so that she can tell her family about their marriage. Fateh asks the man where he got the phone. He says the location and Fateh leaves. Jass says that if Tejo doesn’t tell them, he will come there and take her forcibly. He hears Fateh’s voice and leaves asking Tejo to remember his words. Fateh finds Tejo injured and calls out Amrit to catch the man. Fateh holds Tejo and asks who he is. Tejo says Jass shocking Fateh. Jass escapes throwing sand over Amrit. Mayi, Simran and Amrit come to Tejo. Amrit says that he ran away, he can’t see his face. He asks who he is. Fateh says Jass. They take Tejo home.

Family cares for Tejo. Gurpreet asks Tejo what happened. Tejo cries and narrates what happened. Kushbeer asks what Jass wants. Simran says that she doesn’t understand, he left Tejo after marrying her. Fateh cuts her saying that it wasn’t a marriage, Jass cheated all of them. Fateh says how he dared to attack Tejo and he will not spare him if he comes in front of him. Jasmine asks why Jass has returned now. Tejo recalls Jass’ words and gives Fateh the marriage certificate. Fateh reads it and looks shocked. Kushbeer reads it and also gets shocked. Jasmine smirks.

Kushbeer says to Rupy that Jass is still Tejo’s legal husband, they don’t know that their marriage got registered. Rupy says that it was for Canada visa. Kushbeer asks why they didn’t apply for divorce. Rupy says that after Jass’ mother got arrested Jass’ lawyer said that it was a fraud case, so their marriage is invalid. Kushbeer says that the lawyer could be also a fraud. Rupy says that they were afraid, Tejo got unwell and Jasmine marriage also got fixed and they know what happened next. They have done a big blunder and Tejo is paying for it. Rupy asks what to do now. Fateh holds Kushbeer before he can fall and makes him sit. Kushbeer says that he’s fine, they have to do something to get Tejo out of this mess. Mayi asks what if Jass attacks Tejo again. Fateh says that he can’t do anything, he will broke his leg if he comes near Tejo. Jasmine thinks that Fateh’s blood boils, if anything happens to Tejo. Kushbeer says that Tejo won’t go out until this problem gets sorted out. Fateh agrees with Kushbeer and says that she shouldn’t even go to the lawn. He will gaurd awaking the whole night and asks her not worry. Kushbeer says that they will do as their lawyer will say.

Tejo is lying on Satti’s lap. Tejo asks why she can’t come out of sadness. Satti asks her to have faith on God and says that she’s courageous. Fateh cries seeing Tejo and recalls how he motivated her in the past. Candy comes to Tejo and says that he will sleep with Tejo and hugs her. Satti says to Simran to let Candy stay here as Tejo’s mood lifts up on seeing Candy.

Tejo family cries and blames themselves for not getting Tejo and Jass’ divorce. Tejo wakes up from the sleep getting scared. She cries hugging Simran. The morning family is gathered. The lawyer says that Tejo and Jass are still husband and wife and as there’s no any fraud case on Jass, they can’t take any legal action. They have to find loopholes to get Tejo and Jass divorce. The court is closed for two days due to the holidays for Diwali, they have to find a way in these two days. Gurpreet worries what if Jass attacks Tejo again. Kushbeer says that he can’t do anything until Tejo is at their house. Kushbeer asks the lawyer about Fateh and Tejo’s marriage. The lawyer says that Fateh and Tejo’s marriage is illegal and Jass can use this against them to take legal action on them. Nimmo starts her tantrums. Biji silences her. Gurpreet assures Tejo that they will find a way. Tejo cries hard recalling Jass attacking her.

Tejo cries recalling the lawyer’s words. Jasmine comes there with turmeric milk and offers it to Tejo. Jasmine then drinks it and says that Tejo said lot to her, she called her second woman. She asks Tejo how she feels becoming second woman as her and Fateh’s marriage is illegal. Tejo cries. Jasmine says that at least her legal husband wants her to take back. She’s scared that her legal husband will ask her to go through a fire test to prove her loyalty. Tejo and Fateh has spent a night together, so she will definitely fail in this fire test. She can’t have an infinite relationship with Fateh by spending few days with him, even that few days were a lie.

Tejo cries and asks her to leave. Jasmine says that her illegal marriage with Fateh gave her guarantee to have legal marriage with Fateh. She will be legal wife of her illegal husband. She leaves. Tejo runs to Goddess and says that she tests her faithful devotees and asks if it’s a sin to be a faithful devotee. She agreed to marry Jass accepting elders decision. She didn’t give up when Jass left her as she trusted Her. She married Fateh inspite of knowing he will not be hers thinking it’s Goddess will. She accepted whatever happened with her trusting Her. She started trusting Fateh’s love, but it was also snatched from her. She didn’t complain and was happy with the times spent with Fateh, but She snatched it too from her. She asks what She wants. She asks to take her life too and let her die. Tejo cries.

The episode ends.

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