Udaariyaan 1st December 2023 Written Update: Aalia in a tight spot

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The episode starts with Armaan mom’s feels relieved after he gained his consciousness. He asks her about Aasmaa. She comes there. She hugs him and expresses her happiness with him. She tells him let’s forget the past and start a new life. Meanwhile, Aalia is in the jail. She is serving food to herself. Prisoners are keeping a close watch on her. They throws the food in her dress. They bully Alia inside the prison. Meanwhile, Aasmaa asks Armaan to take a rest. He pulls her close to him. They shares an eye lock. Later, Raja shouts in fear. His mom says to Aasmaa that he isn’t listening to them. Aasmaa asks him what happened to him? He tells her that he can’t forget that incident. Aasmaa tells him that she will share a story with him. She says to him that she gets nightmare often. But she used to hold Armaan hand to get rid of it. Aasmaa says to Raj’s mom that he is scared a lot. He needs counseling now.


Later, Aasmaa meets the doctor. The doctor advised to them. Aasmaa asks Raj to get along with his classmates. His mom shared her grief with her. Aasmaa assures her that Raj will be alright. He will behave like normal people asap. Meanwhile, Alia is washing her clothes in the jail. Prisoners asks her to wash their clothes well or else they will wash her. Alia recalls the way Aasmaa said to her she found the evidence against her. Alia vented out her anger on the dirty clothes. Prisoners are making fun of Alia. She glares at them. Alia poured water on them. Neham worries about Alia. Ekam tells them that he can’t do anything in it. All evidence are against Alia. Ekam asks Aasmaa to help them.

Aasmaa asks him how could she help him? He says that Alia’s court hearing is tomorrow. Her statement is important in the court. He knew well Alia tried to frame Aasmaa and tries to kill Armaan. Aasmaa thinks about it. Meanwhile, Prisoners says to Alia that her court hearing is tomorrow. They asks her not to forget her crimes. Later, Aasmaa doing pooja in home. Raj’s mom says that two months passed. They have peace in this house. Raj is also getting better now. She says that she wants to become a dadi asap. Aasmaa blushes there. She collides with Raj. He says to her that he will bring a bride to this house like bhabhi. She smiles at him. Aasmaa noticed Arman still sleeping. She tried to wake him up. He asks her to let him sleep. He admires her beauty.

Armaan romances with Aasmaa. Their romantic moments interrupts by Raj’s noise. Raj’s mom scolds Raj for being adamant to attend his class. She tells him that today we have an important pooja. Let’s go to the temple. Raj is adamant to attend his class. Raj says that he is not a child he can go to his class alone. Armaan drops him in his centre. Aasmaa notices Raj talking with a girl.

Episode end

Raj weds Alia

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