Udaariyaan 1st February 2024 Written Update: Aasman saves Armaan.

Udaariyaan 1st February 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with, Shehnaz asking Aasman from where she is coming. Aasman says she was in Rifat Bi’s room. Since it’s a special day for her, she was offering her prayers there. Rifat Bi and Suhana become her alibi. Murtazim asks her if she knows Armaan. She says that she only knows that much he himself told her. He asks Noor what she thinks of him. She says that he is a pious lover and is mad after his love. She asks him to let him go. Murtazim says that he doesn’t leave a person who cheats him. He asks his aide to beat him. For some time, they beat Armaan brutally. Then he stops the men and says he would behead Armaan himself. As he raises his hand to chop his head, Shehnaz stops him.

Shehnaz says that Noor is very light hearted so she won’t be able to digest this. She says that she doesn’t want to see fear in Noor’s eyes. She says that Noor is right that he is a mad lover. She asks them to lock him in a tahkhana and after the marriage they would see what is to be done with him. Murtazim goes to his room and hurts himself and throws things here and there. Shehnaz comes and calms him down. As he says that he wants to kill Armaan, Shehnaz shows him a photo where Armaan is seen with Alia. She says that Noor isn’t the person that he is looking for so if they kill him, they would be answerable to some people.

Aasman comes crying to Shehnaz and says that they must leave from here or else they would get killed. Suhana comes and tells Aasman that Shehnaz is now busy with her people so they must hurry up and go to Armaan. Aasman and Rifat bi go to the place where Armaan is kept. She makes some guards unconscious but meets Shehnaz there. She threatens her. She says that she hates people from the padosi mulk. Hearing this, Aasmaan asks her to kill her. Rifat Bi enters the room.

Shehnaz hits her neck with the knife and kills her. Aasman screams and asks why she did this. She says that she had been her truthful servant for the last forty years but she cheated her. She says that she would kill Armaan like this and she won’t be able to do anything. The commissioner comes and gives Armaan an electric shock and asks why he has come here. He says that he has come to take his wife. They increase the voltage and give him shock again. He falls unconscious.

Murtazim is seen dancing in joy. Aasman takes her things and almost goes to her to reject this marriage. Suhana stops her. Aasman cries and says Shehnaz died in her hands. Suhana says that Ma sahib never does anything without a reason and she has a lot to know. Murtazim opens the door and comes in looking angry. He says to Suhana that she did the right thing by telling her everything. He says then it’s important for her to know everything. He shows Noor the picture of a woman named Haya who was his wife. He tells her a story of a man who fell in love with Haya and got killed by Murtazim in hate.

Precap : Aasman would be sitting for the nikah.

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