Udaariyaan 1st June 2022 Written Update: Tanya’s smart move

Udaariyaan 1st June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jasmine asking Tanya why she went to Barnala, what work she had there. Tanya remembers a FB. She gives money to someone and asks how she can meet her to which the person says not now. Other side Tejo wakes up startled after dreaming about the fire incident. She is scared. She shouts Fateh and panicks. She stumbles and falls down. The girl comes there and comforts Tejo. Here Tanya says to Jasmine to not interfere in her personal matter. Jasmine says that Tanya can’t keep her personal life as a secret as she can need her help in the future. Tanya says that she can handle her problems by herself like she did it now. Jasmine gets determined to find Barnala’s secret. There the girl puts Tejo to sleep assuring her that Fateh will come to her.

Fateh phones Jasmine to know if everything is fine there and asks about where Tanya has gone. Jasmine asks why Fateh needs to know this. She says that she thought he called for her. He says that he called it for that too. He says her to take care of herself. Jasmine threatens Fateh reminding him about her condition before disconnecting the call. Jasmine sees a school admission ad on the newspaper. She calls to that school and takes admission for her unborn child. She gives her name for child’s mother’s name and Fateh’s name for his/her father’s name.

Lovely apologizes to Tanya for doubting her which surprises Jasmine. Lovely says that she wishes to eat paratha made by Tejo and says that she has hand pain. Harman also says to Tejo to make paratha. Tanya gets worried as she doesn’t know to make. Tanya calls Jasmine for help, but Lovely says that he will Tejo and asks Jasmine to have dried fruits Lovely thinks that all knows Tejo’s cooking taste and hope that Tanya will get exposed.

Tanya struggles to make paratha. Lovely leaves as Harman says to get her his phone. Jasmine goes to Tanya and says that she has to do all work that Tejo did and asks how she will do it. Jasmine offers to take her help. But Tanya says that she doesn’t need her help. Jasmine asks how she will be able to make paratha’s like Tejo. Tanya thinks that she knows how to solve this problem. Tanya takes a burning stick and burns her hand. She shouts. Meanwhile Tejo cries seeing the fire. All the people comfort her. Tanya goes to her family crying. Family cares for Tejo. Jasmine says that Tanya looks like Tejo, but her acts are like Jasmine. Lovely is sure that Tanya is an imposter and thinks that it means Tejo is dead. There they pour water over Tejo and says that there’s no fire. Tejo shows her burn injury. They hug her.

Satti aids Tanya’s wound and gives her dress to wear. Tanya says to give another one. Satti says that it’s her favorite dress and asks her to wear it. Tanya obliges. Fateh comes to Sandhus. He greets Dadi and says that Gurpreet sent ladoo for Jasmine. He asks where Jasmine is. Dadi says that she has gone out. Fateh wonders where she has gone. Just then Tanya comes downstairs. Fateh remembers Tejo on seeing her wearing his gift to Tejo and imagines a romantic scenario with Tejo. Tanya brings Fateh out of his imagination. Fateh asks how she dared to wear Tejo’s dress. Tanya says that Tejo’s mummy gave her and asks why he is reacting like this. He says that because he gifted her this dress and she used to wear it for him. He says that everything reminds him Tejo including Tanya. He then realises that she’s not Tejo. He gets emotional.

The episode ends.

Precap: Fateh gets shocked on hearing Jasmine saying to the doctor that she wants to abort her child. Tanya searches for her lens when Satti comes to her. Satti gets shocked on seeing Tejo.

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