Udaariyaan 1st June 2024 Written Update: Meher thinks of teaching Sarab a lesson.

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Episode starts with Meher getting inside her room alone after coming back from the wedding. Haniya comes home and sees Meher trying to tear apart her dress that she wore in the wedding so she stops her and takes away the dress and asks what she is doing. Meher says that Sarab touched this dress with his dirty hands so Haniya says she would wash it so she need not worry. She asks Haniya why she gets so annoyed with men so she says if she doesn’t notice how their grandfather or their father behave with women. According to her,men are all the same and they consider women as their shoes.

Sarab is seen taking care of his sisters at home. The woman who was seen with him at the Gurudwara isn’t his own mother. Haniya says that Armaan used to love Aasman and take care of her. Meher says that this is the reason why their father used to shout at their mom and insult her everywhere. She says tSarab ven Sukhi cared for Rano but he had an affair outside. Haniya says that she agrees that they did wrong but they aren’t bad people.

Aasman tells Rano who knows when Meher’s temper is going to come down. Sarab brings back Leo and their father in a drunken state. Their mother brings paneer korma for Leo and asks him to have it but he pushes her off and says he wants daal from Dhaba and not this. Sarab scolds him and says she must not worry and says he would have this. He has the paneer and roti and says there’s magic in her hands. This woman doesn’t love him the way she loves her own son Leo but Sarab is a very decent and caring person who loves her mother.

Meher comes to Sarab’s neighbourhood. She gets all the information about Sarab from a nearby shop vendor. Haniya is seen coming to the same place to meet Sarab and talk to him about Meher that she isn’t a bad person. Haniya doesn’t tell her anything and they leave for the office hurriedly. Meher comes to the office and starts scolding her employees and firing one. Meher’s manager Shakti enters her cabin to talk about some important meeting when Meher insults him regarding his attire. She throws a suit at him and asks him to wear this for the meeting. He decides to take revenge on Meher.

Sarab’s mother fakes leg pain so he massages her feet. She expresses her grief that Leo keeps on drinking all day and doesn’t do any work. She indirectly convinces him to ask for an advance from his boss. Sarab’s step sisters love him alot and take care of him more than anyone else. Meher calls someone who is Sarab’s employer and asks him to get some job of hers done. Sarab gets a call from his boss asking him to pick up a very important client and there shall be no mistake. Episode ends.

Precap : Sarab would be seen getting fired from his job due to Meher.

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