Udaariyaan 1st November 2022 Written Update: Advait and Mallika’s engagement

Udaariyaan 1st November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Ekam, Nehmat and Mallika doing the engagement shopping. Mallika asks Nehmat and Ekam to collect her engagement dress from the trailer and leaves. Mallika’s chunri is sent to the same tailor by Advait’s mom to add some decorations. Nehmat likes the Chunri and tries it on her head. Ekam admires Nehmat and hugs her from behind. Ekam asks the tailor to pack it. The tailor says that it’s someone else’s engagement’s chunri. Nehmat regrets trying it on her. Ekam takes Nehmat to a Baba to reassure her. At Sandhus’ mansion, Naaz and Nikhil are on call. Nikhil says that he will introduce Naaz to his family during Advait and Mallika’s engagement. Here, the baba looks at Nehmat and Ekam’s hand and says that only Nehmat’s wedding is going to take place very soon, which shocks Ekam and Nehmat. 

There, Naaz plans to use Nehmat and Advait’s photos to teach a lesson to Mallika and break up her wedding with Advait. Here, Nehmat says to Baba that he is having a misunderstanding, they’re going to get married. The baba says that only what’s written on one’s fate will happen. Ekam gets upset hearing this. He asks Nehmat to promise to never leave him. Ekam and Nehmat promise each other to be together forever. There, Shelly says to Naaz that she praised Nikhil in front of Satti so that Rupy and Satti approve her and Nikhil’s relationship. Naaz is nervous about meeting Nikhil’s family for the first time.

Meanwhile, Nikhi is admiring Naaz’s photo on his phone. Nikhil’s mom sees this and asks him who she is. Nikhil says that she is his girlfriend and she is attending the wedding. Nikhil wants to take the responsibility of Advait and Mallika’s engagement preparations to impress Naaz. Shamsher refuses. Advait convinces Shamsher.  Advait’s mom says to Advait that Naaz should be special, so Nikhil is changing himself for her. 

Nehmat reaches the engagement venue. She phones Ekam. Mallika and Ekam are on the way. So they urge Nehmat to go inside without them. Nehmat mistakenly makes a vase fall. The water splashes over Advait’s mom’s saree. Advait’s mom gets furious and scolds Nehmat. She asks who she is. Nehmat says that she’s Mallika’s friend. She leaves after scolding Nehmat. Advait meets Nehmat. He says that his girlfriend’s friend is his friend. He takes her to his parents and introduces them. Advait’s mom says that she has already met her. Nehmat is surprised to know that she’s Advait’s mom. Shamsher reminds Advait not to forget that Mallika is his fate. 

Mallika and Ekam reach the venue. Nehmat runs to Mallika. She pushes Ekam who is standing in her way, spreading his arms. She pushes him and runs to Mallika and hugs him. Advait says a shaayari to praise Mallika’s appearance. Nehmat is surprised that Advait knows Shaayari too. Naaz says to Shelly that Nehmat is up to something. She stops Shelly from getting out of the car as they won’t be noticed if they go now. Naaz says that they should do something to get everyone’s attention. 

Ekam drags Nehmat aside. He romances her. Nehmat and Ekam are happy about Mallika’s engagement. Advait sees them and thinks of his dad’s words. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Advait and Mallika are sitting. Nehmat and Ekam get the chunri to put on their heads. Nehmat stumbles and Ekam drops the chunri. The chunri falls over Advait and Nehmat’s heads, shocking everyone. Shelly says that Mallika’s engagement chunri fell on Nehmat’s head. Elsewhere, Jasmine is shown smirking. 

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