Udaariyaan 20th September 2022 Written Update: Ekam questions Randhawa

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The episode starts with Ekam saying that Nehmat is sensible like her mom, Tejo, who has a solution to everything. Nehmat agrees, but she says that, unlike her mom, she’s not tolerant. They drive off in the jeep. On the other hand, Harman is doing meditation. Naaz sits in front of him and imitates him. She says that she placed his medicines there and asks him to come downstairs for breakfast. She goes downstairs. Harman smiles, looking at Naaz and says that Naaz is taking care of everyone, like Tejo. 

Naaz gets ready to go to college. She says to Satti that she will come late as she has some special classes. She says that Nehmat is always class first and she should also study hard to keep her family’s respect. Rupy calls out Naaz and gives her pocket money. Naaz refuses to take it and asks to give it to Nehmat. Rupy says that Naaz has already got her pocket money. He forcibly gives her money. Satti also gives her money. Naaz leaves. Naaz checks her pocket money. She remembers her mom’s advice. Naaz says that she learned the trick to get what she wants without asking for it when she was a kid. She receives someone’s call and leaves. Meanwhile, Satti and Rupy are discussing Naaz and Nehmat. 

Naaz is about to meet a boy. But Naaz is stopped by Ekam’s mom. She tells about Ekam’s party as he completed his training. She offers Naaz to drop her off at college. Naaz signs the man to go and leaves with Ekam’s mom. In the car, Ekam’s mom praises Naaz and complains about Ekam spending all his time either in his training or spending time with Nehmat. 

Nehmat and Ekam reach the police training academy. Nehmat convinces Ekam to talk to his dad and finds out why he is against his police training when he is himself a police officer. Nehmat receives Mallika’s call. Mallika says that she wants to talk about Naaz. Nehmat goes to meet Mallika. Ekam returns to his home and learns that his mom isn’t at home by asking the servant. He thinks of talking to his father. He goes to his room. He finds his father lying unconscious in a drunken condition. He puts his dad in bed. He asks his dad what happened after his suspension, which changed him into a drunkard. Randhawa says that it’s not about his suspension, but something else defeated him. He asks Ekam to stop his police training if he really cares for him. Ekam vows to become a police officer and finds out the reason behind the change in him and promises not to get married till that. 

Mallika shows to Nehmat the professor misbehaving with Naaz in the name of giving her class. Nehmat intervenes and warns the professor. She takes Naaz from there. Naaz argues with Nehmat for spoiling her special classes. She says that she’s not smart like Nehmat, to get good marks, like Nehmat, and needs extra classes. She adds that the professor was only teaching her. She then argues with Mallika about instigating Nehmat against her. Nehmat says to Naaz that this type of professor takes advantage of his students. Just then, she receives Ekam’s message and goes to meet him. 

Ekam is upset remembering his father’s words. Nehmat arrives there with an ice cream to cheer him up. She assures him that his father will open up to him if he keeps trying. Ekam says that Nehmat can’t come out of the shock of her parents’ sudden death and share her pain with him despite being together for 16 years. Nehmat denies it. Ekam says that he wants to become a police officer to find the truth about Nehmat’s parents’ accident and his dad’s suspension. Nehmat gets emotional. Ekam hugs Nehmat saying that he only wants her happiness.

The episode ends.

Precap: Naaz asks Nehmat to wait for her
But Nehmat leaves for college in hurry. Naaz smirks. Nehmat returns home. Rupy asks Nehmat where she has gone in the early morning. Nehmat looks nervous.

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