Udaariyaan 21st April 2021 Written Update: Preeto gets confirmed that Jazz is fraud Kuldeep

Udaariyaan 21st April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Satti wishing Tejo’s happiness and hugging her. Jasmine interrupts them. She gives Lakme products to Tejo and ask her to look beautiful today. Rupi gets emotional and makes Satti, Tejo and Jasmine emotional too. Fateh prepares to go to Tejo’s wedding. Amrik and Mahi tells Fateh that Khushbeer will not agree or get angry. Khushbeer on other side gets to know that Fateh is going to Jasmine’s elder sister’s marriage. Jazz books train tickets and car for somewhere. Sandhu’s welcome guests. Jasmine wears off  evil eye from Tejo.

Sandhu’s wait for Jazz’s Baaraat. Jasmine hears them and goes to Tejo to ask her if she knows anything about Baaraat. Tejo too tries calling Jazz, but his phone comes not reachable. Jasmine tells even other family members got Jazz’s phone not reachable. Jasmine form Tejo’s phone calls Fateh and ask him about Jazz. Fateh tells Jasmine he is too waiting for Jazz. Everybody gets tensed thinking where Jazz is. Tejo tries calming herself. Fateh calls Tejo and tells her that he will bring Jazz and also tell her that she is double special for him. One, because she  is Jasmine’s sister and second, because she understands him and his love.

On one side, Preeto and Neetu wait for Jazz and other side Sandhu’s and Tejo wait for Jazz. Sandhu’s get relaxed and happy seeing Jazz’s Baaraat arrival. Fateh and Jasmine dance in Baaraat. Jazz recalls his plan of not going to meet Neetu and Preeto. He also recall telling his mother that Preeto and Neetu will not come to Tejo’s wedding now. Other side Neetu cries and Preeto handle her. 
Tejo on side relax and other side Preeto doubts Jazz to be fraud Kuldeep. She tries calling Jasmine and her landline but fails. She decides to go to Sandhu house and confirm. Other side, Sandhu’s welcome Jazz. Jasmine asks Jazz 25,000 as entry fees. Jazz gives only 1100 but Fateh for Jasmine gives 50,000.

Preeto leaves for Sandhu house worried for Tejo. Jazz’s mother makes it Pandit do Tejo and Jazz’s marriage. Jazz’s mother asks Pandit to finish wedding quick. Preeto form Neetu’s phone messaged Jazz and asked him to call back and scared him. Jazz and his mother gets worried with that message. Jazz makes a lie and call Preeto. Preeto ask him whose life is he ruining now. Preeto hears Abhiraj telling Jazz Pandit Ji is calling him. She gets confirmed that Kuldeep fraud/Jazz is marrying Tejo. She asks driver to drive fast. 
Other side, Jasmine receives a letter from Fateh. Jasmine tells Taaiji and Fateh get her in his words. Jasmine thinks Fateh is good but doesn’t have Canada visa. Fateh praise Tejo’s beauty seeing her in her bridal outfit. Tejo feels Shy and move towards the Mandap smiling.

Precap: Fateh will flirt with Jasmine and Preeto will try her best to reach Sandhu house and expose Jazz and his mother. Tejo will be seen crying and ruining decorations of her wedding bed. 

Episode Ends

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