Udaariyaan 22nd December 2022 Written Update: Nehmat confronts Jasmine

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The episode starts with the higher officer telling to Ekam about a dangerous missing in which there will life threat. Ekam says that everything can change in life a second and there won’t be fear of death when there’s no reason to leave. He assures the officer to complete the mission successfully. The higher officer praises Ekam and leaves. Ekam’s subordinate officer mocks Ekam stating that he is doing it for metal. Ekam hears this nad tells the man a police duty is done for patience and public’s safety. Sandhus gives clothes for Nehmat and Naaz. Nehmat asks Satti and Rupy to take their medicine regularly in time. Shelly takes Naaz aside and assures saying that Jasmine can do anything for her happiness.

On the other hand, Jasmine tells to Shamsher about Tejo and Jasmine and Jasmine leaving a baby to Tejo and Fateh to take revenge on them and the baby is Nehmat. Jasmine says that Nehmat is neither Sandhus’ blood nor Virks’. Here, Nehmat says to Rupy and Satti that no matter who her parents are, but they’re her identity. Rupy kisses Nehmat’s forehead. Nehmat, Naaz and Nikhil leave. There, Shamsher asks whose daughter Nehmat is. Jasmine says that Nehmat is the daughter of an unmarried woman and her dad is now in jail which shocks Shamsher and Advait. Jasmine says that Tejo raised and gave Nehmat her values, but she will still remain an illegal daughter of a criminal.

She adds that Naaz is Jasmine’s Sandhu daughter who left Naaz here and went to Canada years ago as she knew only Rupy and Satti could give her good values. Advait asks Jasmine how she knows all this when even the Sandhus don’t know about it. Advait refuses to believe this. Jasmine says that he will believe her now and reveals that Jazz Aluwalia is Jasmine Sandhu. Advait and Shamsher are stunned to hear this. Jasmine says that she left her daughter and went to Canada and she stole a baby and gave it to Tejo and Fateh. Jasmine further says that she did a favor on Nehmat by giving her to Fateh and Tejo, so she didn’t get the tag of being an illegal daughter of a criminal. Nehmat overhears and stands stunned.

Nehmat goes in front of Jasmine and asks what she’s doing here and what she’s saying. Nehmat says to Advait and Shamsher that this lady is lying. She says that this lady is her and Naaz’s biological mother who left her left her then left Naaz when she was six years old and never returned. Nehmat says that she heard that Jasmine never let others leave in peace. She asks Jasmine why she left her and why she returned to spoil their daughters’ lives. She says that she’s fine that if she doesn’t accept her as her daughter, but don’t spoil her name. Nehmat asks if she wants to get rid of her guilt by tagging her as a criminal’s daughter. Nehmat says that everyone forgot her and asks why she returned and asks why she’s tarnishing her identity. She asks what she did it to her why she wants to spoil heher life. She reminds Jasmine how she poisoned her mind by challenging her identity.

Nehmat says that thankfully Tejo and Fateh who was there to clear the poison from her mind. They loved her so much and made her strong enough to protect herself and her family from Jasmine’s tricks. Jasmine says that Nehmat must be angry as she told the truth of her life, so it will take time for Nehmat and others to accept it. Jasmine makes Nehmat sit and says to rest first then they will talk. Jasmine asks Shamsher to tell Nehmat to talk calmly. Nehmat asks Shamsher and Advait not to believe Jasmine who is dangerous and can spoil anyone’s life. She says that she did the same in her parents life and created problems in their life and tried to break their marriage again and again.

Shamsher thinks that he knows Jasmine better. He thinks that she did drama in front of him after getting her sister and brother-in-law killed. Nehmat asks Jasmine to get out and throws her out of the house. Jasmine indirectly threatens Shamsher and is about to leave. Advait asks Nehmat to shut up and says that they will handle it. Advait addresses to Jasmine mentioning her aunty which angers Jasmine. She asks him to call her Jaaz. Advait obliges. Advait asks Jasmine why she’s narrating stories that no one heard before. Jasmine says that it’s not a story, but a dark secret which was hidden. Advait asks Jasmine how he can believe what she says is true. Jasmine says that she doesn’t care that Advait believes it or not, but the truth is that she’s not Nehmat’s mom, but only Naaz’s. Nehmat asks for proof. Jasmine says that they will do a DNA test. Nehmat agrees to do the DNA test.

 Jasmine asks in which hospital she wants to do the DNA test. Jasmine says that Nehmat is married, so she should ask Advait’s permission else Advait will complain to her about DNA news getting published in newspapers. Nehmat asks Advait not to pay attention to Jasmine’s words. Shamsher says to Jasmine not to do DNA test as it can ruin their reputation. Jasmine says that she has proof. She says that Rupy knows this. Shamsher says that it means Rupy lied to them and betrayed them. Nehmat refuses to believe that Rupy knows this else, he would have told her. Advait asks Nehmat to shut up and calls her family fraud.

Jasmine asks Advait not misbehave with her wife. She asks Nehmat to phone Rupy and asks him to come here. She asks Nehmat to ask him then what the truth is. Jasmine says that she will herself call her dad. Jasmine makes a video call to Rupy. The latter receives the call and disconnects it. Satti asks whose call is. Rupy says a wrong call. Jasmine phones Rupy again. The latter wonders why Jasmine calls her after many years. He goes aside and receives the call. Rupy asks Jasmine why she called him after many years. Jasmine says that she needs some information about Nehmat and asks if he forgot what she wrote in the letter she gave.

The episode ends.

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