Udaariyaan 22nd July 2021 Written Update: Fateh and Tejo spends a night together

Udaariyaan 22nd July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Fateh and Tejo enters the house. Tejo tells Fateh looks like the house has been locked for a long time. Fateh tells Tejo that in their fate they have to stay in this room today. Tejo tells that she likes the room it’s cosy. Fateh jokes. Tejo then gives dress to Fateh saying that he needs to change or else he will catch cold. She then compliments that Fateh is looking great without shirt too. Fateh gets shy.

Tejo then realises that she don’t have any place to change so asks Fateh what to do. Fateh sees the curtains so asks Tejo to go behind and change there. Jasmine looks for Fateh and Tejo. Fateh opens the bag and finds his shirt and pant. The FB shows in which Jasmine hugs Fateh’s shirt and kisses it then takes a locket in which her and Fateh’s pictures are attached. She puts the locket inside the shirt and tells when Fateh sess he will recall all the intimate moments they shared together that will lead him to take her back in his life. Jasmine hopes that Fateh saw the locket. Fateh opens his shirt and the locket falls to the ground but he fails to notice it.

Fateh then looks back at Tejo’s shadow and sees her changing her clothes so he decides not to look at her. He then changes his clothes and switches on the light and gets happy seeing the lights are on. Tejo comes infront of Fateh after changing her clothes.

Fateh gets lost in her beauty then tells that she looks so beautiful. The light goes off so Tejo tells that Fateh lied to her then they both lights up the candle. Tejo gets hurt while lighting up the candle so Fateh takes care of her injury. Fateh tells that he is hungry. Tejo gives him his favourite food so Fateh calls her Santa. Jasmine looks for Fateh and Tejo in the rain but couldn’t find them.

Tejo gets happy seeing her favourite poet’s book is in the house so she tells Fateh about that. Fateh asks what’s in the book. Tejo tells Romantic poems. Fateh asks Tejo will she read that. Tejo asks Fateh is he thinking her as a boring person. Fateh murmurs yes then asks Tejo to read the poem. Tejo sits in the floor and starts reading the poem from the book. Fateh goes and sits close to Tejo.

Tejo gets stunned then she looks at Fateh but he asks her to continue reading. Tejo reads the poem happily. Fateh praises and continues the next line of the poem. Then Fateh bring his face closer to Tejo. Tejo gets shocked seeing tbe curtain caught fire so she shouts but Fateh misunderstands and apologise to her. Tejo then shows Fateh the fire so Fateh tries to stop it from spreading further.

Fateh and Tejo goes and sits on the bed but the cot breaks down so they both fall to the ground. They both gets shocked. Jasmine looks at the window but finds no one inside so she leaves the place. Fateh and Tejo looks at each other’s face then laughs. Fateh stands up and helps Tejo too. Then Fateh gets closer to Tejo who also closes her eyes and doesn’t stop Fateh. Tejo then turns around Fateh hugs her from behind. Then they both hugs each other and then Fateh takes Tejo to the bed.

Amrik buys tea for Jasmine who seems worried. Amrik gives her a tea and apologises to her for taking her forcefully from that place and tells that they have searched for them but they aren’t there. Jasmine tells Amrik that she is worried about Tejo who always takes care of everyone but herself. Amrik asks Jasmine to not to worry saying Fateh is there for Tejo. Jasmine tells to herself that’s ehat worrying her the most then she tells that she didn’t say anything when Amrik told her is she told anything.

Tejo wakes up and rights Fatejo in the mirror and looks at Fateh who is asleep and smiles recalling their night together. Tejo then sees the rain is falling from the seiling so she holds it in her hand before it falls on Fateh’s face then she touches his forehead. Fateh opens his eyes and looks at Tejo who gets shy and smiles at him. Then she tells Fateh that she will pack their things and asks him to wake up then they can leave. Fateh agrees. Tejo leaves the place.

Fateh then sees the locket which he fails to notice in the night. He takes the locket and opens it and recalls he is the one who gave the locket to Jasmine and promised her this will always tell her and remind her he belongs to her only. Fateh then realises that what he did in the night and puts his hand on forehead.

Precap: Fateh and Tejo dances happily on Jasmine’s engagement. Fateh takes Jasmine outside and tells her that he can’t forget her at the same time she is going to engaged so they have to accept the reality. Jasmine takes the knife and cuts her finger and tells that she won’t leave Fateh at any cost. Jasmine falls to the ground. Everyone gets shocked. Fateh takes Jasmine to the hospital. Tejo gets sad seeing Fateh’s love for Jasmine.

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