Udaariyaan 22nd November 2022 Written Update: Advait turns down Nehmat’s request

Udaariyaan 22nd November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Nehmat asking Advait to make Mallika and Ekam understand that she didn’t publish Jayveer’s article. Advait asks if Nehmat wants him to tell to Mallika and Ekam that Nehmat was with him that night in the hotel of Shimla to prove her innocent. He asks if she’s gone crazy. Ekam comes out speaking on call. He fails to see Nehmat and Advait. The latter sees Ekam and drags Nehmat away. He hides with Nehmat. Ekam drives off. Advait says to Nehmat that they would have been in trouble if Ekam had seen them. Nehmat asks what Ekam was doing here. Advait says that Shamsher called him and even Rupy is also there. Nehmat apologizes to Advait. Advait asks Nehmat to leave and walks away. Nehmat is determined to find the person who published the article.

Shamsher’s servant gives him a flower bouquet that came on his name. Shamsher reads the note on the bouquet and learns that Jasmine is in Moga. On the other hand, Jasmine is on call with someone. She says that she has returned Moga after 16 years for her daughter’s wedding. The maid brings her breakfast. Jasmine is surprised that her mom made her favorite dishes that day. At the Sandhus’ house, Lovely says that Satti prepared Naaz’s favorite dishes. Shelly says that because Naaz will soon leave the house getting married. Satti worries about Nehmat whose heart and whose childhood friendship have broken.

Nehmat tries to talk to Mallika. The latter taunts Nehmat. She says that Nehmat became a big journalist by killing her dad. Nehmat says that everyone is misunderstanding her and tries to explain to her, but Mallika refuses to listen to her. Nehmat gives Mallika the swear of their friendship and asks Mallika to listen to her. Mallika says that they’re not friends anymore. Nehmat says that they were friends once and recollects their childhood moments. She folds her hands in front of Mallika and begs her to give her 10 mins to explain. Mallika angrily looks on.

Jasmine congratulates Advait for his wedding with Mallika. Jasmine asks why Advait and Shamsher seem unhappy to see her here. Advait says that they don’t want anyone recognize here. Jasmine says that she also doesn’t want it, but she got bored of attending foreign weddings, so she has come to attend Punjabi wedding in which there will be singing and dancing. Shamsher says that they have come to invite her for the wedding. Advait worries that someone can recognize her. Jasmine asks him not to worry about it as she doesn’t care about it. She says that it’s interesting that two weddings are going to take place at the same time. She asks why they didn’t bring Nikhil with them as she never met him. Jasmine then asks about Naaz. Advait says that Naaz is Nehmat’s youngest sister. Jasmine says that Nehmat is the person who is responsible for Jayveer’s death.

Nehmat cries looking at her parents photo. Nehmat says that they used to say that true friendship never ends. She says that she told Mallika the truth and hopes that she will believe her. Nehmat wishes that she could learn who published the article, who is responsible for their sufferings and for Ekam breaking up with her. Meanwhile, Ekam is tearing his and Nehmat’s photos by recalling Jayveer’s suicide letter. He burns the photos. Ekam notices the photo of himself with Nehmat and Mallika. He takes it to tear it too. But Mallika arrives there and stops him. Mallika says to Ekam that she also wants Nehmat to go away from their life, but the fact is Ekam isn’t able to forget her. Ekam says that he isn’t able to forget their dad’s death and is mourning his death. Mallika says that he is morning also the death of his and Nehmat’s love. Mallika asks Ekam if he really thinks that Nehmat could do like that. Ekam says that she could do it. Mallika says that she doesn’t think that Nehmat would have done it and adds that someone tricked her. She says that Nehmat is going mad by searching for the person who published the article. Mallika says that Nehmat also got wronged. Ekam refuses to hear about Nehmat. Mallika says that Ekam still loves Nehmat. Ekam says that he thinks that Nehmat did this and refuses to talk about her anymore. He leaves. Mallika cries and says that she doesn’t want to lose her best friend also after losing dad. She refuses to let Ekam lose his love.

Rupy finds Nehmat crying. Rupy asks Nehmat why she’s crying. Nehmat regrets accusing Naaz. Nehmat says that she wants to find who is responsible for their sufferings and Jayveer’s death. Rupy says that he also wants the same. Nehmat says that it’s her battle, so she wants to fight it alone. Nehmat says that she will take part in Naaz’s wedding preparations, but she won’t attend it as she doesn’t want any problem in her wedding. Rupy consoles Nehmat and asks her to apologize to Naaz and end the matter.

Advait receives Nikhil’s call. He excuses himself to Jasmine and goes aside to talk. Nikhil is waiting outside the house and asks Advait to come out as he wants to talk to him about something important. Advait agrees. He says to Jasmine that he will be back in two minutes and leaves. On the other hand, Nehmat apologizes to Naaz. The family asks Naaz to forgive Nehmat. So Naaz reconciles with Nehmat. The family becomes happy. Naaz says that she has a condition and asks Nehmat to select one lehenga among the designer lehengas that she got for herself. Nehmat selects the pink one and remembers Ekam saying that he wants to see her in a pink lehenga in their wedding. Naaz hugs Nehmat and thinks that Nehmat chose pink as it’s Ekam’s favorite color. She wants to wear it and show to Ekam, but she won’t let it happen. Jasmine sees Nikhil asking Advait to sign the cheque to pay Naaz’s lehenga. Jasmine thinks that Advait handles the finance, not Nikhil and wonders whether Naaz took right decision by wanting to marry Nikhil.

The episode ends.

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