Udaariyaan 22nd September 2021 Written Update: Fateh hands the academy responsibility to Jasmine shocking Tejo

Udaariyaan Written 22nd September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jasmine asking how long they can stay like this. Jasmine suggests opening the gifts together. Fateh reacts angrily. Tejo and Mayi witness this and leave from there. Tejo consoles Biji, who cries thinking about Simran. Other hand Gurpreet looks at Simran childhood photos and talks about Simran childhood to Mayi. Gurpreet says that she doesn’t what Simran went through, she can’t even properly talk to her. Tejo comes there. Gurpreet requests to take her to Simran.

Mayi says to Tejo that she knows everything about Simran and asks to tell them the truth Tejo says that Simran gave her swear and she can’t disclose anything without her consent. Gurpreet pleads with Tejo to take her to Simran. Tejo asks Gurpreet to wait for a while and promises to bring Simran back home. Jasmine sees this hiding. Jasmine thinks that she makes Virks family throw Tejo out of the house.

Fateh comes to Tejo and apologizes to her for misunderstanding her and Buzzo’s relationship by seeing them together in the market. Tejo asks for how many mistakes he will apologize to her when he himself doesn’t know what he’s doing. Gurpreet sees Tejo going to the academy and asks to give lunch to Fateh as he forgot. Jasmine sees this. Jasmine phones Fateh and asks to meet him at 1pm. Jasmine says that Tejo thinks that she can meet Fateh on the pretext of giving lunch, but Tejo will meet someone else.

Tejo comes to the academy and finds it locked. She thinks it’s good that she doesn’t need to have lunch with Fateh and can keep it in his cabin. She tries to open the lock. Jasmine comes there and says that she changed the lock since she will work Fateh in academy hereafter. Tejo asks if Fateh knows about it. Jasmine recalls how she did emotional drama and convinced Fateh to work with him in the academy. Jasmine says that Fateh knows it, they both have decided it together. Tejo has more works at home, so she will handle the house while she will handle the academy. She takes the files from Tejo. Tejo says it’s not a joke, investors invested money in the academy and if work isn’t done properly, they will have to face loss. Jasmine says that she can manage academy works and asks Tejo to leave. She asks to give her lectures in college. Tejo says that she doesn’t deserve this and leaves. Jasmine stops Tejo and takes the lunch bag. Tejo leaves.

A man gives a government letter to Jasmine. Jasmine reads it and learns that Punjab Government is giving Fateh an award for honoring Fateh’s contribution in sports. She says to the man it’s yes from Fateh’s side. She gets happy that she got an opportunity to belittle Tejo. Family learns about the same and gets happy. Jasmine says that an event is also organized in the academy and she also agreed on the behalf of Fateh and strated the preparation. Mayi asks if she knows how to make arrangements for such events. Jasmine says that she will take her friend, Sweety’s dad’s help as he has experience in this. Fateh comes back home. Amrit informs him that Punjab government is honoring him an award. Kushbeer asks Fateh what Jasmine is doing in academy work, if Tejo isn’t handling it. Fateh says that hereafter Jasmine will manage academy works shocking the family. Kushbeer opposes it. Tejo comes there and says to let Fateh know Jasmine’s ability.

Jasmine says to Fateh that she’s lucky for him. Fateh hugs her. Nimmo and Gurpreet discuss about the event organized to honor Fateh and wonders who will Fateh take to the stage as his wife. Gurpreet says that he has to take Tejo as she’s his wife. Jasmine hears this and decides to show them what Jasmine can do. The family is having dinner. Biji says that if Jasmine goes with Fateh then whole city will know about Fateh and Jasmine’s relationship. Kushbeer says that they didn’t think how Tejo will face all this. He decides to not attend the event. Gurpreet convinces Kushbeer to go and says that she will strictly tell Fateh that they all will come to the event only if Jasmine doesn’t come. Jasmine comes there and says that she won’t come to the event. She knows that they don’t like her, but she isn’t fool to compromise the family’s reputation. She wants to rectify her mistake. She says that the next day Tejo will attend the event with Fateh since she’s still his wife and she won’t do anything that will spoil their reputation. She rquests the family to attend the event.

Jasmine notices Tejo and asks her to go with Fateh to the event. Tejo stops Jasmine and says that she won’t attend the event with Fateh as she doesn’t have any relationship with Fateh. Jasmine says that Tejo tore the divorce papers and she has to go with Fateh to keep family’s respect. She’s the family’s favorite daughter-in-law, who can’t do anything with stain family’s reputation. Tejo says that she’s not Fateh’s wife nor she wants to become his wife. She doesn’t want Jasmine to say what she should do or not. She’s happy that Fateh got the award and the academy got a recognisation, but she doesn’t have any relation with these two, so her presence won’t affect family’s reputation. She advises Jasmine to stay away from this event. Jasmine wonders why Tejo is refusing and wonders if she understood plan.

The episode ends.

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