Udaariyaan 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Tejo gets broken knowing about Jazz’s betrayal

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Episode begins with Jazz and his mother leaving Tejo alone in hotel. Jasmine and Fateh decorates Tejo and Jazz’s wedding bed. Fateh reminds Jasmine of their date and give her flowers. Other side Gurpreet scolds Mahi and Amrik for not telling family about Jasmine. Fateh gets a little romantic with Jasmine. Hotel manager drops Tejo to her room. Jasmine and Fateh continue decorating Tejo and Jazz’s room. Amrik and Mahi try convincing their mother and grandmother that Jasmine is a good girl for Fateh. Gurpreet and Grandmother talks ill about Jasmine and also say that she has hypnotized Virk family children. They also say that Jasmine is not good match for Fateh.

Other side, Satti and Tejo’s grandmother tries to hide their tears. Harman also tries calming emotional Rupi. Sandhu’s decide to prepare for Tejo’s Canada departure. Fateh date Jasmine. Jasmine also thinks its a date. She asks Fateh what is occupation. 
He tells her he is a national level boxer and his father’s dream is that he win gold media for India in Olympics. Jasmine ask him what is his dreams, he replies she is his dream. They get romantic, but Tejo interrupts them. Tejo thanks Fateh and Jasmine for whole decoration. Fateh takes Jasmine and leave Tejo’s room. Tejo seems worried.

Tejo waits for Jazz and feels tensed. Sandhu’s on other side side tries to light up their mood by singing Punjabi songs. Tejo continues waiting for Jazz. While waiting she sleeps on sofa. Someone knocks Tejo’s room. Satti and Rupi worries for Tejo and miss her. Tejo receives a message from Jazz that he is busy and will get late. She thinks to call her family, but leave calling thought, thinking everyone would be asleep. Satti and Rupi clear their misunderstandings and Rupi apologize to Satti for scolding her for ruining Tejo’s happiness. Tejo worries on getting Jazz and his mother’s phone switched off at even 6:30 morning. Tejo in tension informs Rupi about it. He also gets tensed and leave to search for Jazz and his mother. Tejo ask him not to tell family about it as they will worry.

Rupi and Harman reach hotel and gets to know that Jazz and his mother checked out of the hotel day before only. Other staff also tell them same. Both brother worry. Tejo calls them and they worry thinking what to say to her. Tejo ask Rupi what information he got about Jazz and his mother. She catches Rupi’s lie. But he couldn’t stop crying. Tejo asks Harman why is Rupi crying. Harman tells Tejo that Jazz and his mother left the hotel. She gets shocked ask when. Harman tells her day before only they left the hotel. He asks Tejo to stay where she is, he would call her again.

Tejo recalls how Jazz promised her that he would return and his mother took all of her jewellery. She starts doubting him. She also recalls Preeto’s words about fraud with her sister Neetu. Rupi and Harman too starts doubting Jazz. Tejo thinks Jazz is calling her but Hotel staff asks her on call if she is extending her stay or will check out. She breaks down disconnecting the call.

Precap: Satti will prepare for Tejo’s Pag Phera Ceremony. Broken Tejo will return with Harman and Rupi. Sandhu’s will get to know about Jazz’s fraud. They will suspect Fateh too involved in it and beat him. Abhiraj will take vase and will try to attack Fateh.

Episode Ends

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