Udaariyaan 23rd July 2021 Written Update: Jasmine meets Fateh in his academy

Udaariyaan 23rd July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Fateh goes and looks outside the window sadly while holding the locket which Jasmine put in his shirt. Jasmine tells Amrik that she is worried about both Fateh and Tejo. Then she tells even though she dont have any relationship with Fateh now still she worried about him. Fateh thinks about his promises for Jasmine. Jasmine then says to Amrik that everyone is still blaming her for whatever happened though she is not the one who done the mistake still she is worried about both Fateh and Tejo. Amrik tells Jasmine that she is indeed a good person but others fails to notice her then tells that they have to go to the house or else their family may suspect where they went. Fateh looks at Tejo who smiles at him. Fateh and Tejo then goes to the tea stop.

Fateh apologises to Tejo for asking her to spend a whole night in a long drive but instead they got stuck. Tejo thanks Fateh saying that their night is perfect she enjoyed everything and smiles at him. Fateh forces a smile. Satti comes to Jasmine’s room and asks her to wake up saying she is getting late for her college but Jasmine tells Satti that she hadn’t slept the whole night so asks her not to disturb her at all. Satti then leaves the room. Tejo freshen up in her room and dances recalling her night with Fateh. Tejo then takes her mobile and wonder Fateh misses her or not like the way she misses him now. She then decides to call Fateh but gets shocked seeing Jasmine’s so many missed calls so she calls Jasmine.

Saurabh tells Satti there is a big problem. Satti asks what happened to which Saurabh tells that Gippi’s parents are upset with them so without their permission she asked them to come to the house to fix marriage date for Gippi and Jasmine. Satti tells that’s a good news and she will prepare everything. Jasmine closes her room door then she sees Tejo is calling her so she answers and asks Tejo is she okay. Tejo tells she is fine and asks Jasmine why she called her many times. Jasmine tells that she had a bad dream so she called them this times and asks Tejo where is she. Is she safe. Tejo tells Jasmine that she and Fateh came to the house and she dont have to worry about her because Fateh taken good care of her. Jasmine then gets happy thinking that nothing happened between her and Fateh and says that Fateh may act but she knows he still loves her so now no one even her aunt cant separate her from Fateh and gets ready for college.

Tejo gets ready and makes snacks and tea and gives it to Babu Ji and Khushbeer then goes and gives it to Biji who blesses her. Gurpreet and Nimmu sees Tejo in a happy state and looks confused. Mahi asks the reason but Tejo smiles and leaves the place. Satti stops Jasmine from leaving the house saying that Gippi’s parents are coming here to fix the marriage date. Saurabh smiles at Jasmine who looks at her angrily and thinks that she has to meet Fateh today at any cost it’s either today or never.

Tejo waters the plant and sees Khushbeer and tells him that she already told him the plant will grow. Khushbeer smiles at Tejo and tells that she not only made this plant grow but also made Fateh’s life beautiful and tells her that he is proud of her. Buzo tells Fateh that now he and Tejo became husband and wife and he should be happy. Fateh tells Buzo that he feels like that he is betraying Tejo for using her then he tells that Tejo is so Happy but he is still stuck with Jasmine’s memories and dont know how to come out of this. He don’t want to hurt Tejo who is not Only his wife but also his bestfriend. Tejo gets ready to go to meet Fateh. Jasmine thinks what she can do to leave the place. Then she leaves the place without anyone noticing her. Fateh site infront of his laptop and lost in his thoughts. Jasmine comes there. Fateh asks Jasmine why she is here he already warned her not to meet him.

Jasmine said Fateh to listen to her once. Fateh tells that he dont want to listen to any of her lies and tries to leave but when Jasmine tells Fateh that Gippi’s family is coming to fix the marriage date today. Fateh makes a fist then congratulates Jasmine. Jasmine tells Fateh that this is not the time to show his anger for her and tries to stop him by holding his arm. Fateh removes his hand from Jasmine and asks her not to touch him also not to forget now their relationship is brother in law and sister in law so she has to be in her limits and leaves the place. Jasmine thinks that she wont let the opportunity to go and follows Fateh.

Tejo comes to the academy and looks at herself then thinks Fateh must be worried that she is not reached the academy for lunch time. Fateh walks past Tejo’s car without noticing Tejo. Tejo comes out of her car and goes to meet Fateh. Jasmine walks on the same path to meet Fateh and then both Tejo and Jasmine meets each other. Jasmine gets shocked. Tejo gets confused and asks Jasmine what is she doing here. Jasmine looks at Tejo.

The episode ends.

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