Udaariyaan 24th November 2022 Written Update: Jasmine attempts to convince Naaz

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The episode starts with Naaz becoming emotional seeing Jasmine. Jasmine also gets teary eyes. She nods to Naaz to approach for a hug. Naaz stops herself from hugging Jasmine on remembering how Jasmine abandoned her in her childhood. Jasmine says that she returned to India on hearing about her wedding. Jasmine hugs Naaz. Naaz pushes Jasmine away. She shouts at Jasmine, asking how she could abandon her in her childhood. On the other hand, Nehmat finds Rupy and Satti being sad, worrying about her. Nehmat cheers them by dancing and asks them to be happy for Naaz’s wedding. Satti says that Nehmat is like Tejo, who used to care about others’ happiness, ignoring her own sadness. Here, Jasmine says that she doesn’t want to abandon Naaz, but for Rupy, Tejo and her daughter’s happiness always mattered the most.


Nehmat is doing shopping with her family for Naaz’s wedding. Mallika is also there. Nehmat and Mallika see each other. Mallika goes to the trial room. Shelly asks Nehmat to try a dress. Nehmat goes to the trial room. Ekam senses Nehmat’s present. Ekam sees Shelly and realizes that Nehmat is also there. Jasmine says that she had to leave Naaz as she doesn’t want Naaz to suffer along with her in poverty. Naaz taunts Jasmine. Jasmine explains to Naaz that the person who married her never wanted her past to interfere in her present life. So, she had abandoned Naaz as she knew her family would take good care of Naaz despite them hating her. Naaz says that she has a cousin who everyone loves more than her, but now she has gotten a guy who loves her so much and can do anything for her and get her whatever she wants. Jasmine asks Naaz if she loves him. Naaz becomes silent for a moment. She shouts at Jasmine. She lashes out at Jasmine for abandoning her in her childhood and returning now in her life. She says that she doesn’t want her and asks her to leave. Naaz decides not to tell anyone about Jasmine’s return.

In the mall, there’s a power cut. Ekam rushes to the trial room using his mobile torch after hearing Nehmat screaming. Nehmat’s dress is stuck around her head and she has difficulty pulling it down . Ekam helps Nehmat and they grow closer. Ekam realizes their position and leaves. Jasmine thinks of convincing Naaz by giving her a costly gift. Jasmine requests Naaz to accept the diamond necklace that she got for her. Naaz melts on seeing the diamond necklace. She says that it seems costly. Jasmine says that it doesn’t matter as she liked it. Shelly and Nehmat are waiting for the cab. Mallika offers Nehmat and Shelly drop home. Nehmat refuses, but Mallika insists Nehmat agrees. Nehmat sits in the front seat next to Ekam.

On the other hand, Naaz refuses to accept Jasmine’s gift. She says that she has Nikhil to buy such a costly gift. Naaz is about to leave. Jasmine thinks that Naaz is more stubborn than her. Jasmine stops Naaz and tries to convince Naaz by saying that she has no one other than her in the world and she has returned for her. Just then, Jasmine’s daughter calls her and the call gets on the speaker mistakenly. Naaz is shocked when she hears the girl calling Jasmine as mom. Jasmine disconnects the call. Naaz shouts at Jasmine and calls her a liar for saying that she doesn’t have anyone just before, when she has another daughter. Naaz angrily leaves. Jasmine thinks of taking care of Naaz and making sure that Nehmat doesn’t intervene in Naaz’s happiness. She decides to check if Nikhil is really as rich as Naaz thinks.

Ekam drops Nehmat and Shelly at home. Nehmat’s phone drops. They both bend to pick it up and their head collide. Ekam picks it up and gives to Nehmat looking at other side. Nehmat’s duppata gets stuck with Ekam’s bracelet. Ekam removes it. Nehmat gets down the car. She is sad that Ekam ignores her. Mallika thinks of trying to reunite Ekam and Nehmat the next day on her mehndi ceremony. Elsewhere Jasmine thinks of knowing about Neel better at Naaz’s Mehendi ceremony.

The episode ends.

Precap: Jasmine dances at Naaz’s mehndi ceremony. Rupy and Satti feel that they know the girl who is dancing.

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