Udaariyaan 25th January 2023 Written Update: Advait takes a stand for Nehmat

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The episode starts with Nehmat talking to her parents, looking at the stars in the sky and lamenting about Shamsher’s lie about her fake pregnancy. Nikhil goes to Nehmat and says that he can understand her pain as he always disliked politics and the limelight, but other people in the house can’t understand her. He convinces Nehmat to have food with him and says that he says that he understands the meaning of real family by seeing Sandhus who leave for each other’s happiness and share each other’s sorrows. He says that his family can never be like this. Nehmat assures Nikhil that this building will also become a house one day. Nikhil is happy to know that Nehmat won’t leave the house. Naaz watches this. She walks away, lamenting about Nehmat. Neeru hears this and provokes Naaz to plot against Nehmat. 

The next morning, Ekam is shocked to see on the news the video clip of Shamsher announcing that Advait and Nehmat are going to become parents and boils with anger. Renuka and Mallika also see this. Renuka says that this is proof that Nehmat moved on in her life. Ekam recalls his conversation with Nehmat at the party and silently leaves the house. He drives off. Mallika is worried whether Ekam is going to meet Nehmat. 

At the breakfast table, Shamsher asks Advait if everything is fine. Nehmat says that nothing can be fine now. She apologizes to Shamsher for talking like that to him. She says that he shouldn’t have used family members for his politics. She says that if they had told her about Veronica’s threat earlier, they all together could have found a better solution than this lie. Shamsher says to Nehmat not to teach him what he should do or not. Nehmat says to Shamsher that he was wrong to lie about her pregnancy. She refuses to let her feelings and her self-esteem get hurt because of his lie and to lie to her grandparents. Shamsher shouts that he doesn’t care. Neeru whispers to Naaz if Nehmat cares about her grandparents or Ekam. 

There, Ekam is shown driving the car, recalling Nehmat and all the recent happenings. He receives a call and gets shocked. Here, Shamsher says to Nehmat to accept that she’s pregnant, as the world accepted. He asks Nehmat to understand that any behavior of hers shouldn’t affect his political image or career. To everyone’s surprise, Advait supports Nehmat. He asks why Nehmat should get punished for his mistake. He says that sooner or later the truth is going to come in front of the world and asks what they will do at that time. Shamsher says that they will lie that Nehmat had a miscarriage shocking Nehmat, Advait and the family. 

Ekam goes to an accident spot. He vents out his anger at the constables. He scolds them for not calling an ambulance, which surprises them. Harleen arrives there to meet Ekam. The lady constables stop Harleen from entering the accident spot. Harleen calls out to Ekam. Ekam shouts at Harleen and asks the constables to arrest her for trying to enter the accident spot. Harleen is shocked by Ekam’s behavior. The constables take Harleen. 

Nehmat argues with Shamsher about making fun of pregnancy, which is a blessing for a woman. Advait says to Shamsher that he didn’t think about his and Nehmat’s feelings before saying such a big lie. Advait says that Shamsher should have asked him and his wife before lying. Neeru says that Advait started to argue by seeing Nehmat. Advait shuts Neeru up. He says to Shamsher that they have to say many more lies to hide this one lie and he refuses to force Nehmat to get involved in their lie. He says to Shamsher to be grateful that Nehmat is still standing by their side despite what happened. He says that their reputation would have been damaged if Nehmat had left the house after Shamsher’s lie. Shamsher asks Nehmat to leave. He says that he doesn’t care about it. Shamsher says that he doesn’t want a family who doesn’t support him. He scolds Advait and leaves. Naaz gets happy. 

Harleen is put inside the jail. Naaz goes to Ekam’s house. Mallika wonders what Naaz is doing here. Naaz says to Mallika that she doesn’t have any problem with her. She only hates Nehmat. She provokes Mallika against Nehmat. She says that Nehmat would have claimed that she didn’t have any affair with Advait in front of her, but she gave the good news very soon. She says that Mallika would have given the good news if she got married to Advait. She further says that in her place she would take revenge on Nehmat. Naaz leaves. Mallika cries. Naaz receives Jasmine’s call, but she disconnects it. She thinks that she doesn’t need Jasmine anymore. She thinks that she will neither let Nehmat be with Advait nor return to Ekam. 

Ekam arrives at the police station and sees the constables dancing with Harleen. He scolds them and sends them away. Harleen asks Ekam if he is angry about Nehmat being pregnant. 

The episode ends. 

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