Udaariyaan 25th January 2024 Written Update: Armaan crosses the border.

Udaariyaan 25th January 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with, Shehnaz slapping Noor and saying that this wedding would surely happen. Aasman wonders what to do and how to find her own people. She thinks of Armaan not knowing his name or face. She looks at the moon and wishes that Armaan might see her in the news and know that she is here. Murtazim thinks of talking to Noor and knows what’s in her heart. Shehnaz asks Murtazim that she is annoyed with him due to his lie.He apologises and says that he didn’t want to do this but was forced to do this due to the circumstances.

Shehnaz tells Murtazim that Noor is a poor girl who has bad luck. She tells a fake story and says that her family saw her on TV and was coming to meet her but they met with an accident. A woman in a burqa comes to Aasman’s room to serve her food. She ties the woman there and gets out of the room in her burkha saving herself from the guards.

Armaan prays to Lord for showing him a way to find Aasman. He meets his friend who is part of a play. He promises to help Armaan find his wife. Before leaving the house, Asmaan talks to Murtazim from outside his door. She asks him not to open his door. She thanks him for whatever he did. He thinks that this might be a sign of her approval for this marriage since she wants to move forward. When he opens the door, Aasman already leaves the place.

Shabana enters Noor’s room and finds the servant tied. She informs Shehnaz that Noor has fled. She orders Kasim to find her. Aasmaan gets up on a tempo hiding from the guards. Armaan’s friend and his troop raise the Jai Shri Ram slogan and celebrate. Armaan mixes in the crowd and then jumps over the other side of the border with the help of a pole. He ends up falling on a running tempo. He hides within the sacks kept inside but the police find him. He ends up in a fight with the police and then runs away. Noor hits a woman in the market and her hijab falls off. People gather around her to take a selfie with her but she runs away.

Aasman suddenly recalls that she is an Indian. Armaan runs for his life and then fights with the guards. The chief police come and stop him. Aasman gets a call from Rifaf Bi’s no. Shehnaz tells her she can’t run from them. She says that she would now punish Rifat Bi for her. Episode ends.

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