Udaariyaan 25th October 2022 Written Update: Naaz records a video of Nehmat and Advait dancing

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The episode starts with Advait asking Nehmat if she has a boyfriend, so she doesn’t want to dance with him. Nehmat says that she’s not interested. Naaz says that Nehmat is single and she’s not dating anyone. Nehmat glares at Naaz. Advait insists Nehmat dance with him. Nehmat agrees. On the other hand, Ekam is successful in making the person who murdered his wife, who had an affair, confess the crime. Here, Nehmat and Advait are dancing. Naaz asks the DJ to change the song. She says that it’s Ekam and Nehmat’s favorite song. Nehmat is remembering Ekam while dancing with Advait. She imagines Ekam in Advait’s place and happily dances with him. Naaz records their video. At the end of the dance, Nehmat realizes that she was dancing with Advait, not Ekam. Her smile disappears. Naaz smirks and thinks of showing Mallika how Advait was lost in Nehmat while dancing. There, the man advises Ekam not to leave his love alone with anyone. Here, Nehmat refuses to dance with Advait and walks away. Advait understands that Nehmat is missing Ekam, but he has sent him far away from her. 


Nehmat becomes upset with Naaz for forcing her to dance with Advait. Naaz manipulates Nehmat. She asks why Advait wanted to dance with her if he loves Mallika. Nehmat says that she doesn’t understand him. She convinces Nehmat not to tell Mallika about this to avoid any misunderstanding. Nehmat recalls Mallika saying that Advait only loves her. 

Nehmat and Naaz are on the way in the car. Nehmat misses Ekam so much and wishes to meet him. Meanwhile, Ekam’s higher officer asks Ekam if he loves someone. He says yes. The officer says that Ekam should be with her then. Ekam walks away. Here Nehmat sees her family ladies preparing for Karwa Chauth. She thinks that she used to keep the fast every year for Ekam and wonders how to tell her family that she wants to keep the fast this year too. She goes to Satti and says that she wants to keep fast. Shelly taunts Nehmat. Satti hopes that Nehmat will get a good guy as her life partner. Nehmat also wants to keep fast. Nehmat wonders for whom Naaz is fasting, since she broke up with Varun. 

Nehmat and Mallika are on call. Mallika is surprised that Nehmat is fasting for Ekam despite their fight. Mallika asks Nehmat to tell Ekam that she’s fasting. Nehmat refuses. She says that Ekam should feel that she’s fasting for him if their love is true. Mallika asks how she will break her fast then. Nehmat says that she doesn’t know about it. Later, in the evening, Sandhus ladies perform the puja for their husbands. The husbands feed water to their wives. At Randawa’s house, Jayveer feeds water to Renuka and breaks her fast. Mallika imagines Advait and herself in Jayveer and Renuka’s place. Here, Naaz receives someone’s call. She messages that person that she will  call him after awhile. Suddenly, the lights go off. Nehmat goes to the terrace to break her fast by seeing the moon. 

Naaz is in her room. She video calls someone. She says that she is fasting for him. She waits for the moon to come out of the clouds so that she can break her fast. She’s starving. On the terrace, Nehmat lights the diya. She looks at the moon through the veil. She prays to God for Ekam’s long life. She wishes to see Ekam. She closes her eyes. She finds Ekam in front of her when she reopens her eyes. Nehmat gets emotional. Ekam kisses Nehmat’s hand. Nehmat and Ekam feed water to each other and end their fast. They hug feeling emotional. 

Nehmat asks Ekam why he left without telling. He didn’t call or message her. Ekam says that he called her many times. Nehmat says that she didn’t receive his calls. Ekam asks why she didn’t call him. Nehmat says that she called him, but his phone was switched off. Ekam says that his phone broke when he was on a mission. He feels bad about losing all the good memories of him and Nehmat which were saved on that phone. Ekam says that he can’t live without her. Nehmat also says that she can’t live without him. She hugs him crying. She asks how they can be together when Ruoy and Jayveer are against their love. Nehmat asks if they should keep meeting secretly. Ekam refuses to meet secretly anymore and to let their enemies win. Ekam wants to face Rupy and her family. Nehmat refuses. Ekam asks Nehmat to fight for their love. He asks if he will be with her. Nehmat nods yes. Ekam kisses Nehmat’s forehead. 

The family asks about Nehmat. Naaz is about to go to take Nehmat from the terrace. Just then, Ekam comes downstairs holding Nehmat’s hand. Naaz, Rupy and the family are shocked to see Ekam with Nehmat. 

The episode ends. 

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